Minimserver 2 flac - wav conversion on the fly

Firstly thanks to those who helped with getting my qnap up and running (see my previous post).
I now have minimserver 2 running on the qnap and minimwatch on the laptop.
I’m trying to get flac to wav on the fly but can’t find this option anywhere.Is this only available on the paid version.
I have tried the link to buy the license but it just says web page unavailable.
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Do you have minimstreamer installed? You can see by looking at the properties tab of minimserver from your mac.

Thanks for the reply.I can see that page you have screenshot and minimstreamer is visible but it will not let me download it.
Do I need to activate a Free trial or buy the license to allow me to download minimstreamer.
Is minimstreamer where I would find the configuration page to allow flac/wav conversion on the fly.
So sorry for these basic questions but I’m not the best at computer stuff but learning very slowly.

You have to pay for a license for minimstreamer to work unfortunately. This function was part of the free license previously but now you have to pay for it.

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Thank you for all your help it’s much appreciated.

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