MinimServer Paid Version: Anyone Use It..?

Does anyone here use MinimServer (paid version) with the Naim app? It states that the paid version gives you extra artwork at the Album / Artist level and Recently Added and Recently Played lists, however, I didn’t see any of these during the 30-day trial period, which apparently gives you all the features of the paid version… can anyone confirm…?


Yes, you get those features in the paid version and they work well.

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I am using the paid version and it works flawless.

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Another user here and all advertised features work for me.

Since MinimServer 2 came out, with “recently added” and “recently played” categories, I’ve stopped using Asset UPnP. I’ve found the web configuration page useful, too. Well worth a tenner a year IMO.


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Thanks, all :+1:

Just bought the full licence, and am very happy with it… nice browsing experience… all it needs now is iTunes playlist support… :+1:

I use it to get transcoding so I can use m3u for lossless radio station playlists via upnp.

I use the the free Asset for my local music and it provides excellent artwork.

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