Minimum alcohol pricing

This came in today in Wales, I have mixed feelings about it, I wonder how those in Scotland found it?

I’d forgotten the legislation had been passed by the Assembly, so no chance to stock up in advance!

I’m rather cynical about it in all honesty - primarily as I’m unsure if the extra cost (minimum 50p per unit) goes to Assembly coffers or just boosts retailers profits assuming people are willing to pay.

I can’t see a hardened alcoholic being deterred - might some turn to crime if it was too costly to feed their habit?

I probably imbibe too much myself but don’t tend to go for budget wines anyway, and would likely fall into the older middle class drinker category who’ll carry on regardless.

Perhaps it will deter the youngsters/students, though in reality I suspect not that much (and apparently they drink less these days anyway) - even worse is that they might consider illegal drugs to be a more affordable option.

Had to go to Tesco this evening and it seemed they’d taken advantage with price rises across the board - perhaps I’m wrong, but the dirt cheap wines were now £4-£5, the £7-£10 ones seemed to have taken a hike to £10-£12+, though I may be mistaken as I rarely buy wine in Tesco. Interestingly the ladies at the adjoining checkouts were saying they might as well buy better wine now as the prices were closer at the lower end of the range.

Having read more of the detail there is no local WAG tax component - the minimum pricing simply means the retailer makes a bigger profit - though as the price is higher there’ll be extra VAT paid on the higher price. Naturally the 20% VAT will go to HMRC and not to WAG to reinject into local support services/NHS.

Not looked at alcohol duty recently, but interestingly (to me) it all seems to be due to bands of strength per litre rather than sale price, so that component will be static for the same product at a given time.

Rather surprised to see that sparkling wine has considerably higher duty than still wine in a certain range - doesn’t really make sense:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 09.55.49

In Scotland the reported figures suggest a 3.6% decrease in consumption since the introduction of minimum alcohol pricing. In general I’ve noticed that prices have tended to rise a bit but the first impact I noticed in supermarkets was the withdrawal of BOGOF offers.

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I don’t think we get many BOGOF offers though the big supermarkets often do 25% off 6 bottles of wine which could be quite a saving, especially on higher priced products (although ‘expensive’ is naturally subjective/relative).

I’ve always enjoyed a tipple, but I think there have been huge changes in our consumption patterns.

I rarely go to the pub anymore which is a shame - old friends/colleagues are not that local to me these days, plus many of the old-fashioned pubs I enjoyed in my 20s/30s have had trendy facelifts or even been demolished.

Far more people drink at home than they did decades ago, and too many of us I suspect like to unwind with a glass or two after a hectic day at work, males and females alike.

Relaxation of licensing laws over the years have probably not helped matters.

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This very true, growing up my parents only really had alcohol in the house at christmas/new year, even when my father went out with his friend for their friday snooker night they brought a carry out of alcohol back with them.
I think supermarkets combined with drink driving laws have largely changed the way we drink, more available equals more often, as you say a couple to unwind from a hectic day, in the past this wasn’t the norm.

A big annoyance for me in Scotland is that any Waitrose spending offers (ie spend £100 and get 10% off) do not apply to alcohol purchases.
Also there are restrictions of alcohol offers in general. Similarly there are now separate Costco pricing in Scotland for same reason.
I understand extra profit goes to the retailer :bangbang:
I personally think reduction in consumption quoted is for other economic reasons but Nicola’s boys have claimed it as a success.
FWIW I had a dry January 2019 and not drunk any alcohol since … but I don’t think reduction is solely down to me.:bangbang::flushed:

Rant over … but I do tire of these gesture politics

But how much were you drinking ?

@Alley_Cat this has always been the case - current UK duty rates are (at the moment - await 11th March)
Light Wine £25.98 per 12 x 75cl
Sparkling Wine (over 8% ABV) £33.27 per 12 x 75cl
Fortified Wines (wine over 15% ABV) £34.63

I’ve done quiet a lot of work in both Scotland and now Wales on Min pricing, this is aimed at very entry level wines, none of the wines we represent Champgne or Fortifed wines come close to Min pricing

for example our entry level Port Min Pricing would be below £7.50 Inc VAT & duty we are @ £10.99 - Bollinger min price would be £4.50, we are £45

In wales the Min price per Unit is £0.50 and in Scoltand the same, the values are worked out on Units per 125ml glass and then by the volume in the bottle

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