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I am going to temporarily move the hifi into the games room while doing some renovations. It won’t be set up and so won’t be powered up. The room has a heater but does get chilly in the winter. Can anyone give me an idea of the minimum temperature that I should set the frost guard level at on the heater? I do not want condensation in any boxes but also see no point in keeping the room fully heated.


Condensation occurs when the temperature changes, so as long as the temperature is relatively stable and a few degrees above zero (5-6 C) you should be good!

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even sub zero is okay. But when you set it up again you need to let it reach ambient over several hours before switching on… like a goldfish.

Condensation is likely to appear when moving from cold to warm so that needs to evaporate first.

Similar rules apply for taking shipments at the data centre in winter. Move boxes from loading dock to main area. Leave 24 hours. Then unbox and hook up.

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I set the heating at 10’C when we go away for winter holidays & on timed to run 16:00 to 08:00.
(that bought back some long ago pre-covid memories - 4 weeks in SA in 2019 - I wish … )

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I don’t even want to think about cold weather yet. :open_mouth:

Your equipment should have specs on storage and operating temperatures.

Just make sure the gear is sealed in a dry environment so that there is very little water to condense if the temperature drops. You could always use silica gel granules to remove moisture. Most electronics have little sachets of it in the packaging when they are shipped.

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I don’t know if this translates, but in terms of storing a car in a damp garage, I was told that it is still damp air that causes rust, not the damp air itself, so the trick is to keep the air moving, which I achieve with a couple of fans that come on and off via a plug-in timer - e.g. on for 10, off for 20. It has worked for the past 24 years on my old car - no rust.

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