MinimWatch problems

Hello all…I’m at my wit’s end and wonder if anyone can help. After a year of enjoyment from my NDX (old model) My Minimserver suddenly failed to start up and wouldn’t rescan, citing an error message about subnet values not matching. It meant anything added to the Qnap then was unseen and not available to play. I’ve got rid of Avast premium as I thought there might be a Java issue. Not that. I tried to change the values and remap the Qnap and M drive. Not worked. I uninstalled and re-installed Minimserver. Didn’t work. I changed the subnet values in the options menu…nothing.Now my M drive on the Qnap isn’t even viewable on my ipad and Naim app and I can see everything on my PC which I don’t want and will only work when my PC is on. In short I’m in a right muddle and need some advice…

Did you upgrade to Minimserver 2? I use minimserver to stream FLAC radio stations via a m3u file and mine stopped working when they switched over to Minimservrer 2 as the streamer transcoder is no longer part of the free version. After buying a license it works fine. You need to update minimwatch as well if you haven’t.

Ask the Minim forum. The responsiveness is very good.


Hi, thanks for your response. I will try Minimserver 2. Will it have to be paid for ? And how much? And do I have to have minimserver on my Qnap?

Don’t upgrade. Use the previous version. If you do fancy paying consider Asset instead. Works better for me on my NAS.

Thanks for your response…What’s the interface like on Asset compared to Minim and is V2 Minim pay or is there a free version? I understood that the V1 has kind of stopped working properly.

The only advantage I have found with Minimserver is it has metadata management options that really suit classical music. For modern music such as rock, folk & jazz, Asset is simpler & IMO far better. Its a one package install, includes a GUI link to your computer, has custom browsing options (if you choose), cost is aprx the same as 2 CD’s & its lifetime licence that includes updates.

As a side issue, reading dBp/Asset forum, there are numbers of reports of problems after users have updated their QNAP to the latest software. I wonder if this thread problem is maybe linked to that.

I’m a Synology user BTW

I think it might be a Qnap update issue too. Do you knw where the thread on that is? I’ve not managed to find it. How is Asset arranged visually and will it arrange artwork correctly?

The dBpoweramp forum has a section on Asset

Not sure what you mean by how’s it arranged visually or correctly arrange artwork
I have my Asset configuration edited to how I want to see it & use browsing on the Naim iOS app (see photo).
Artwork is simply whatever the embedded album art is, or as I do sometimes I change the embedded album art to something I prefer.
Artwork thumbnails can be sized according to the Naim app function

If you’re not streaming FLAC radio stations on the old streaming platform then you don’t really need Minimserver and can use Asset which is easier and can be better depending on your needs. Fwiw, the Minimserver license is inexpensive.

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