Miniot black wheel turntable

It plays upside down. From around 2k to 3k. Cool looking. I have no idea of its performance.

Three closed loop motors and the linear tonearm control all movement where it counts most: at the tip of the stylus. The acclaimed AT Nude Shibata cartridge provides the built-in audiophile preamp with a precisely controlled signal. The unmatched stylus tracking and Constant Groove Speed are true turntable innovations, unique to Wheel.

I’m sure Roy Gandy won’t be losing any sleep :grinning:



Rega is plug, adjust, and play.
That one is only plug and play.

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I can’t imagine playing a valuable or irreplaceable LP on that horrid thing.

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It’s the same kind of concept and spirit as Audio Techniica burger. The goal is not audiophile, more fun and minimal space of the thing.

It won’t be much ‘fun’, though, when the realisation dawns that all the records that have been played on it have been ruined!

It’s a toy, not a record player. Still, we’re all adults here - mostly, anyway.

Could be worse. :scream:

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There are adults, also old endless teenagers, old grumpies, and adults with a childhood mind.
I am in the last camp. Try hard to not finish an old grumpy.

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If that’s intended as an insult, it’s water off a duck’s back!

Do you have further information to support this?

It looks great, and reading the Kickstarter blurb quite some effort has gone into stuff like the tonearm. Doesn’t appear to be a toy, although that of course doesn’t mean it’s a great sounding deck either.

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I’m relying entirely on my eyes, and I can see that it ain’t a Linn-beater.

But boys will have their toys, so enjoy!

Absolutely. I think a lot of efforts and ingeniosity had been put into it. It’s a kind of technical art. Not intended to replace a real turntable.
The same was done with the Maglev turntable.

So anything that can’t beat a Linn is a record destroying toy? There’s plenty of turntables either side of them, so would be curious why they’re the cut-off point according to you?

And Linn isn’t exactly entry level, so most Project and some Technics and/or Rega turntables are destroying people’s records? Many members here would be horrified to find out.

And let’s not even go into the eyesight based quality assessment.

Not at all, I had a Thorens TD160S, with a Mission 774 tonearm, before I bought my LP12 over 30 years ago. Not much of the Linn is still there any more, though.

Whatever means of spinning records you choose is fine by me. Good luck.