Minor iPad problems

The iPad seems to have become infected with a nightly group of American advertisements sent by a remote server. I correspond with folk in California, and perhaps this is where I was caught.
These are a nuisance,even if I did need an overly virile reproductive organ of the size known only to African warriors.
I simply delete and then bin them.
I have tried to unsubscribe to individual vendors but like the African warrior up they pop again.
Apart from changing my email address to bring relief is there a known method to destroy the bot?

Look at the Junk Mail settings in your email. Everytime you get an email you don’t want, add that email or domain to your Block list. You will likely need to persist before you get a reduction.

Never unsubscribe to potentially dodgy emails. This, or any other sort of response, simply tells them that your email address is in use, so they keep sending you more junk, and can add it to lists of known active addresses that are sold to other shady outfits who may also want to spam you.

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As @ChrisSU says.

If they are actually phishing emails rather than just advertising dubious products, then in the UK you can report them to the National Cyber Security Centre who will, if they get enough reports, get the server taken down.

I normally forward them to the ISP and to report@phishing.gov.uk and then set a “Rule” to delete all email from that address.

I don’t think though that the iPad email app has “rules” like the MacOS version does

Sometimes I can get up 15 junk emails overnight, they’re annoying but some are definitely funny. I had one from a bank manager (apparently) with some wild story about why he had millions that he wanted to donate to me. His email address name did match his which he’d spelt wrongly on 2 separate occasions. I just can’t believe that some people can be so naive to fall for that kind of rubbish.

After a bit of a giggle I quickly deleted making sure I never touch any links.

You would think that the amount of money the scammers make, they could afford to buy a decent English spell checker - alas no

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Brilliant from Neil Forsyth and with Brian Cox as ‘Bob Servant’.


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