Missing channel, 252/250

I’ve just disconnected and moved my stuff and after carefully putting everything back together I’m missing my left hand channel. Any suggestions, I’m thinking of disconnecting everything and start from scratch again.

Have you tried what I suggested on the other thread? It’s likely to be the NDX2, to check this, use your Atom outputting into the 252 and see if you get both channels through the 252 and 250. If you have a headphone amp, is that giving both channels?

Also try your Naim cable between the SC and 250 (I’m assuming you have the Witch Hat connected?)

I’ve decided to pull it all down if it doesn’t work when I put back together. I’ll check with iFi player I have I’ll connect to the pre and see if that works.

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Suggest - check the pins in any of the I/C’s to make sure you haven’t bent one.

After waiting for a storm to pass I’ve reconnected everything and all good, thankfully both channels now playing.


Phew……close one, thought it might be the dreaded relay.

Think when making sure the cables are decoupled I might have decoupled one just a little too far. :grin:


I moved my lot on friday……dealer kindly offered to do it. I took it apart and then helped him reassemble……it still took over 2 hours……though he was far more meticulous than i would have been.

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:astonished: :crazy_face:

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Mrs Pete will be disappointed….

I’ve not only pulled it down I’ve moved it and rearranged my music room. Also with the help from Mrs Pete assembled 2 new cd storage units that I’m now in the middle of stacking them with my CDs.

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No she’d probably be relieved. :rofl:

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And guess who struggles with the alphabet. :rofl:


Thats just how i would do it……cd’s everywhere…….then Mrs Gaz will come along and moan and then take over😁

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It’s called Winter Blues Pete :wink: Best Peter

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Only it’s 32c and I’m sweating like a pig.

OOPS…. silly me :crazy_face: Funny thing with not coping with heat as we get older. Give us low twenties eh?! Enjoy the music, Peter

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