Missing composer names

Most of the music I listen to is classical and streamed either from my Core or from Qobus. While the works of several composers may be included on a CD, individual track data presented by the NAIM app. rarely gives us the name of the composer.

CDs I particularly enjoy I purchase and download. When these downloaded files are viewed with Mp3tag, most have a metadata field for the name of the composer.

Should we ask NAIM to include that field in track data?

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This is a long-standing issue with the Core. Naim is aware of the point, but my impression from a discussion with a senior Baim person is that their Rovi metadata licence doesn’t allow them to change this re composers (and conductors).

The issue is not about including the data or not. The metadata is what the metadata lookups say it is. The issue is that although you can search on that field, you can’t edit it in the app, so the search function in the app is effectively useless or maybe worse than useless.

I suspect we must exclude ripped CDs from this discussion because, as David points out, the data available for them is beyond NAIM’s control.

NAIM does however appear to have selected the metadata fields they use for streamed CDs and downloads ( track no. / file name/ title/ artist / album artist / album). Not infrequently this duplicates the data presented - in particular artist and album artist tend to be the same.

My suspicion is that NAIM could easily add the composer to that list as the available metadata fields include ‘composer’ (to make it visible on Mp3tag it may be necessary to go to ‘View’, Customise and place a tick next to ‘Composer’)

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I think Composer is already there for downloads if the downloads metadata includes it, or if it is added with a metadata editor?

i only stream from qobuz - mostly classical and would love the focal-name app to include composer. it is available in qobuz app though not as obvious as it could be. Qobuz connect could well be the solution - if it ever happens

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