Missing DAB stations on ND5-XS

I don’t often use the DAB/FM module on my ND5-XS but I thought I would listen to Scala Radio today. It’s a relatively new station so, when it didn’t show up in the stations list, I did a rescan.
Now only three stations will show: talkSPORT2, Virgin and TalkRadio, although the re-scan says that 54 stations have been found. FM stations work without problem. I have an external ariel. The streamer is running firmware 4.7
Does anyone have any suggestions please?

You need to do a factory reset of the ND5 XS and that will give you all your zdAB stations back again…

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Thanks David. Absolutely right. All up and running now. I’ve also discovered that the neighbours have almost severed the aerial cable, but your solution worked.

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