Missing Internet radio logos on NDX2

I’ve noticed some radio station logos are not displayed on the NDX2 screen (track name appears as usual but no logo), whereas the station logos show up ok in the app.

Anyone else having similar issues?

This is a known issue and Naim are on the case. At source end, not firmware issue.

Ok, thanks. Good to know it’s not the firmware.

This sounds like what happened on my Nova a couple of days ago.

It does bring up a point though - it would be nice if Naim could publish Known Issues so that we can search through that before wasting time ringing Support or dealers or trying to find out “what went wrong” and a way to fix it when it’s something we can’t fix.


I’ve managed to sort the issue. The problem was in the Naim app, weirdly some of the logos for certain stations had disappeared from my favourites list. I removed the favourites (Linn Classical, Classic FM, BBC Radio 6 HD, BBC Radio 4 HD) and set them up again. Now all back to normal with the logos showing again in the favourites list and on the NDX2 screen.

Still not sure why they disappeared in the first place.

same issue here

I’ve experienced the same issue with my Uniti Atom here, also the same remedy seemed effective: deleting and re-adding the favourite radio station did the job …

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