Mission 770 speakers, with a Nap 200?

Hi Forum

I have a original pair of Mission 770 speakers, in walnut, not used for many years.
I am thinking of giving them a try, with a Nap 200.
The speakers are rated at 200w maximum input. The only other Mission 770’s that I have ever seen have a maximum input rating of 100w ?.

Does anyone know if this was a later model, or a option, at the time , & what do people think of them with naim amplification ?. Mission have recently reinvented the 770, that make me think the original model must have some merit.



Old ones are very old might need TLC
New ones are very expensive.
I do remember them back in the day.

Why not? Probably heavenly if the NAP200 is in a decent state of service.

Please report back.

The ‘original’ 770’s were a bit of a moving target, with a number of changes during production that were not always declared at the time.

I wouldn’t worry about the rating, just try them; but as @Skeptikal says they may need some tlc as they must be 40-odd years old…

I liked them the only time I heard a pair… 40-odd years ago.

I was impressed when I heard those Mission 'speakers at my dealers (and I remember that they were highly regarded at the time), probably at least 30-odd years ago, although nothing would have persuaded me to switch from my electrostatics, then or now.

My recollection is that they used a special (polypropylene?) polymer in the bass unit. I may have misremembered this, though.

You have nothing to lose by trying them out, but they haven’t been used in years, so it will probably be sensible not to turn the volume up too high until they’ve had a chance to process a bit of music at lower volume.

Good luck, and do report back.

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