Mixing new PSU's with older (olive) pre-amps

Hi. Is it possible to mix the new power supplies with an old pre-amp?
In my case I want to connect a flatcap 2x to my pre amp (NAC-102, olive series).
Will it work, and which cable must I use? pre-amp to flatcap to power amp (NAP-180, olive series)
Thank you for your support?

Yes, you can use a Flatcap 2x to power a NAC102. You’ll need the SNAIC 5 that comes with the Flatcap to connect to the NAC102, then take pre-amp signal from the Flatcap to the NAP180 with its SNAIC4.

Sometimes its the same inside CB/Olive and black version, like the Hicap (except DR version).
I am using an Olive XPS on an Ndac and its works very well.

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