MK cable size

Hi guys… Getting the electrical feeds changed and found this schematic… Can you fit 10mm cables into and MK socket?

Yes, a 10mm cable will fit into the screw terminal of a standard MK socket. You need to be careful when fixing the socket to the wall as the thick, stiff cable will be a tight fit in even the deepest back box, and the intended use of such a socket would mostly be with 2.5mm cable which is a whole lot easier to work with.

When I spoke to Naim a few years ago about dedicated mains they strongly recommend a single 10mm cable rather than multiple cables from several MCBs. The problem that arises from this is that it’s more difficult still to daisy chain 2 or more sockets from a single feed.


I only need 2 sockets to be fed… gonna run 2 separate cables…

It’s preferable to run a single radial circuit with as many sockets as you require.

As Chris mentions above, this does mean things are a bit tight with 10mm cable when you run from one socket the next.


Hi Richard, it was Steve Hopkins who recommended to me that sticking with a single 10mm cable was best, but we never got as far as discussing how best to then deal with multiple sockets. I did manage to squeeze two 10mm cores into one terminal of a standard MK socket just to prove a point, but it was a tight squeeze which I only managed by slightly unconventional use of a crimping tool.
Would you happen to know whether Naim had a preferred solution to this issue?

I did similar to you - it was very tight, but it was possible.

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