MM for Aro

Good morning.

I have just bought an older Linn LP12 with a Naim Aro (my own tonearm that the seller borrowed this spring). The player was adjusted by a professional this summer.
I will install a MM pickup in the arm. This will be turntable number two so I do not want an expensive PU in the arm.

What will fit? Price should not be over £3-400.
I like the sound of Dynavector, Audio Technica

Riaa is Allnic H1202.

I am in the process of ordering an Audio Technica 760SLC from Cymbiosis (to be installed in an ARO for my own ‘second system’ with a NAIT50 at its heart). Its price is rather higher than you have indicated, but Mr Swain persuaded me that it would be an ideal match for the new NAIT.

I suggest that you have a look at the Cymbiosis website, which has a full list of Audio Technica MM and MC cartridges with their respective prices.


A Goldring 1042 fits nicely within your budget and for an MM cartridge is very good value for money as well. I had one for years fitted to an SME 3009 arm and Technics SL 150 deck. The same cart got moved to a Rega RB 330 arm and Michell Gyro SE. It’s a very detailed cart and paired with a good MM phono stage is very hard to beat for an MM.


I’d have a look at the Ortofon 2M Bronze. And perhaps a Nagaoka JT-80bk if you can stretch.


Audio-Technica VM540ML and make sure to give it the RigB treatment.

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I called a local hifi dealer. He suggested the Ortofon Bronze as well. I guess I can get this and he will install it for me.

Definitely an ortofon. I use the Black LVB version, the bronze is very good and fits the budget perfectly

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TrigB I’d think for an Aro

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Yes but that would make it a Linn only cartridge, which will only benefit Linn IMV. It would also deny the possibility of trying different adjustment points, let’s keep in mind there is no right or wrong when it comes to cartridge adjustment, it is a choice of which compromise suits your system and preferences better.

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Aforementioned Goldring or AT. If you go with the AT, be sure to get a (T)RigB.


Good call the T RigB will line up great with the correct geometry like the Linn Troika it was designed for. :+1:t2:

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Excpet it’s out of OP’s budget and also he is looking for an MM cart.
I was going to suggest Linn Adikt except I found out recently this cart is now 800USD which is also out of budget.

The AT MM I liked and worked well with ARO was AT120E ( this is elliptical stylus ) but upgrade with 140lc ( Line Contact stylus )

What’s neat about AT MM is that you can fit aftermarket stylus.
I tried a few using a standard AT120E body.



I have a friend and dealer who raves about the USA-made Grado Labs and their moving iron cartridges. I have never heard one but he loves his. It might be beyond your budget.

There’s no adjustment point experimentation with an Aro.

As a matter of fact, the TrigB is probably the only way to get correct alignment with one and an MM.


I stand corrected.


The cheapest Grado was good. I do not know what they offer now. This was a long time ago!
My experience with Moving Iron variants was not good. Still want to try Nagaoka MP-500. ( I just looked. I can’t believe it’s also over 800USD now )

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Now I think about it and having used the RigB with an AT VM500/700 cartridge in my Ekos, there’s no way you coul get it aligned with the regular RigB in an ARO - you’d have to have the Trig B.


Have you tried an Ortofon 2M perhaps? Marketed as MM, but in reality MI/MP.

Can’t you get correct alignment with the regular two bolts? Because even with three bolts you’ll need to check carefully I imagine as there will be some tolerance.

This is true for many MM/MI carts, not just AT.

Believe the Original ARO is not slotted. Just 3 holes, for a Linn Troika. Or just use the 2 holes for a Linn Karma or similar.

I guess current Linn carts may also share the same geometry (as the Troika/Karma) - can any one confirm…?

Sure, but with no play whatsoever? Not the tiniest wiggle possible? I imagine even with three holes you’d check the geometry, same as with slots. It’s just that you can’t try different geometries, and it’s impossible to be far off?