MM/MC phono amp upgrade options from SN3

Hi, I have a SN3 with LP12 MM at present and am starting to consider further investment in the vinyl side of my system. The built in phono stage in the SN3 is doing a grand job right now, but in future I’m highly likely to a) move to a pre-power set up and b) try out MC carts with my LP12.

With that in mind I believe a phono stage that supports both MM and MC is the best upgrade step to take, but naturally I want to improve upon the internal SN3 stage which I’d assume is at Stageline-ish level?

I’d appreciate any insights from those that have already taken this path before. Current contenders for demo are:

Chord Huei
Rega Aria MK3
Vertere Phono 1 MK2


I’m using a Cinemag based SUT a friend put together for me into the SN3 phono stage and it sounds great. It’s based on a Bob’s Devices SUT. I also have a Parks Puffin I use sometimes, I use the coax out into my NDX2, also sounds great. And a Dynavector P75 Mk 4 sometimes, but I like the simplicity and tone of the SUT–small, no need for a power supply.

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