MM phono cards for Nac52


I’ve just upgraded from a NAC82 to a 52 and the previous owner used Naim prefix powered from the 52. As such, I don’t have any MM cards on the phono stage.

Can anyone advise what cards I need to get? There are so many out there, it’s confusing.

I want to sell the 82, so would prefer not to take the cards in that.

I don’t expect to move to a MC cart anytime soon.

Current turntable is an old SystemDek, but waiting for Cymbiosis to build me a lovely new LP12 with a Radikal power supply.

Rest of system is CDX2 with XPS DR. Naim SBLs and chrome bumper 250. Waiting for a second 250 to come along before going active with Snaxo/HiCap.

If you’re sticking with a MM cartridge then you will want NA522 MM boards. Probably best to ask Peter whether he has a pair or can source some for you.


Had good discussion with Peter and have decided to go with a Prefix powered by a spare HiCap and to go with a MC cartridge in the new LP12.

I’ll pop a pair of straight-through boards into the phono connectors and use that as an additional input for lower spec source such as my iPhone.


Great, sounds like an excellent idea.

Ok. New Linn LP12 arrived yesterday. I’m confused as to which connections to use to wire up the the Prefix that’s in the LP12 to my HiCap.

LP12 has a cable for HiCap. Can anyone advise which socket it should go into on the HiCap, and from HiCap which socket to the NAC52 please?


If powering the Prefix with a Hicap the you connect the Prefix lead it to the DIN5 socket on the Hicap - this provides 24V DC to the Prefix and also takes in signal from the Prefix to the Hicap. Then take signal out of the Hicap via one of the three DIN4 sockets. You’ll need a 4-5 interconnect. You can input into any of the NAC52’s DIN inputs.

Thanks ever so much! It’s working and I’m so excited to start working through my old vinyl!

Really appreciate your help.


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