Mobile Hifi 3.1

I would not look for 2nd hand…, and I am not sure about open headphones as I would listen in an office context…

Then an iem is your Best friend:)

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Just got my WM1Z today and I’m using it with SE846s.

Can I ask which sound settings people are using with this configuration? Are you using the EQ to boost the bass frequencies or have you got Direct Source enabled to disable all sound settings?

Nice choice Matt. I use it with the sound settings disabled - Direct Source selected. No EQ needed with this setup.

Like James using direct as it is the best. Keep in mind the machine needs at least 200 hours of burn in to sound best…, good choice…

Thanks for the replies.

Good reminder about the 200hrs burn in :slight_smile:

Pulled the trigger and ordered the Sony IER-Z1R, will get it in a couple of days. Will keep all updated on the experiences.


Headphonics likes them in the 16 June review so you should be on to a winner.

Hope so, i think the fit is still a question mark, but let’s see, I am excited…

For mobile I have been using Poly Mojo. It’s not very user friendly but it sounds good when you can get it to work.

I prefer my Sony Walkman, even while it is heavy…

:small_blue_diamond:BertBird,…It looks interesting,.but they write that it weighs much because “the house” is in metal.
And that it contains three speaker drivers.
It also protrudes some from the ears.

It will be exciting to hear what you think.
In a review in Sweden they were impressed,.but could not say if it was worth its price.



I will keep everybody updated on progress. I have seen also quite a number of positive reviews. But it first starts with my personal fit, if good that’s the start of it.
Then I also need to consider the extensive run in which is required, 150/200 hours to be at it’s peak as I understand…

Really excited as it should be a good step up from my Shure SE846…, but time will tell. As we all know some products are very often hyped in our hobby and don’t proof to deliver the goods…

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They look interesting Bert and i look forward to reading about your findings when you’ve had them and put a few hours of music through them.


First impressions great, quality of the bass in comparison with all I have heard before is amazing…


Further listening into the new toys, while it’s all so far short. My first impression…

  • better quality bass
  • better soundstage
  • more right sound
  • more detail

Impressive how it improves on the Shures, as it should given the price difference…

Sounds promising Bert - how about comfort, what tips are you using ?

I was a bit afraid about comfort and was initially struggling with the triple comfort tips. But then started putting on the hybrid tips and just had to find the Ishtar size to have a good comfort. Comfort is in my opinion on the same level as the Shures, while I haven’t had yet the opportunity off an extended listening session. If you have extremely small ears I guess these might not be for you, as they are big. But I guess I have average ears and find good comfort sealing. They go deeper in then the Shures, for the best sound experience.
There is a rightness about how the sound.

looks very nice Bert enjoy them… I am sure they will be very good with your 1Z

if anybody interested there is a new chifi planar IEM called Tin Audio P1… it is on mass drop at the moment…
according to the reviews got a very interesting sound signature for Naim fans, fast and agile…
it sounds like a Naim Prat sort of iems… it might be worth to try for 150$