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As before the topic to discuss about mobile hifi…

I have a question to people having the Sony NW-WM1Z. I just updated the firmware to work also as a DAC. For my pc it works, but for my iPhone with camera connection kit it doesn’t work as it doesn’t like it given the fact that the iPhone would be the electricity engine for the Walkman. I know somebody before was running exactly this combination. Can you please explain how you connect the iPhone with the Walkman ?

Bert - i’ve not tried it with my iPhone (just used as a USB DAC with Melco and Roon Nucleus) but there is a setting in the DAC menu on the 1Z to turn off charging while connected (it does sound better when this is set to off in USB DAC mode). Otherwise i think it was Gregg who was running this combo so should be able to advise.

Top the setting you mentioned did the job, now it just takes the sound from the iPhone, makes an additional benefit for me…

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This new functionality has massively upgraded the value of the Sony Walkman. You now have the flexibility of listening to everything, without the downsides of building in WiFi antennas which might negatively afffect the performance of the device. I was already a happy owner, but now my satisfaction even increased further…

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Have I understood correctly that you can now use a wired connection to an iOS (or Android?) device? Thus replacing the lost functionality that the old ZX2 has from running Android?

Yep. The USB DAC functionality is a really useful addition. There’s also a little boost in SQ from the FW update too which was a nice bonus.

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Thanks James, still happily listening to my ZX2, but good to know what the new models are capable of, just in case!

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how about bluetooth…

Wow - nice to see this thread starting up again.

James is correct - simply toggle the DAC button. Sometimes the iPhone will also pop up with a message requesting that you disable the power charging feature of the iPhone. I have also found that sometimes things can get finicky and no sound will come from the 1Z in DAC mode. Simply quit out of whichever app you are running (Spotify, Tidal etc.) and restart and things should work again.

Emre there is a Bluetooth feature with the new firmware. I have never tried it as - well Bluetooth is not full resolution.

On a side note I am going to the NYC CanJam on Sunday. I currently run a Moon 430HA amplifier connected to my 552. It allows me to run my Utopia’s and Z1R from the big system and use the KDS and LP12 as sources. Same with the new Stax setup.

I am in the market for a new headphone amp as the Moon has never thrilled me. Violectric from Germany has introduced a new brand - Nimbus - which is even more up market. They have a new headphone amplifier Nimbus US4 ( and a + version) which I hope to demo (like a Violectric V281 on steroids). HeadAmp - of the Blue Hawaii (electrostatic) and GSX MK2 fame - will also have new GSX Mini at the show.
Finally I have a dealer bringing over the new Luxman (Japan) P750 headphone amplifier for a demo.

Anyone familiar with any of these amps?



I don’t see use of Bluetooth besides in the car. You loose signal quality in comparison to a cable connection. And I don’t find the cable connection an absolute issue…

LDAC with a sound quality option in 1z

It is a easy way to use phone as a source

Report us back Gregg…

While you are there have look at new Focals

I would however they are just so UGLY :slight_smile:

With the closed back Sony Z1R being available at a discounted price of less than 1/2 that of Focal I think this one is going to be a challenge

Just saw the announcement of the topend closed headphone of Focal, this might be the perfect companion for our beloved Sony…

Inner fidelity Focal announcement

Bert - incase you’ve missed it, there is a review of the Shure KSE1200 in the March edition of Stereophile.

You owe it to yourself to demo the Sony Z1R as well. It was born to match the 1Z

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Assuming I will finally get into the market I belief now the options to test are…

  • The Shure KSE1200
  • The Focal Stellia
  • The new top of the line Sony In Ears
  • I am not sure about the Sony over ears as they have conflicting reviews…

The point as always that it’s perhaps is impossible to test them all and definitely not in the same place so as to make a good comparison. Let’s see if I move and when how…

Thanks for the reference, it’s expressing the same experiences I have with the KSE1200. The only question I have is the sealing…

Iems and closed back ?

new Noble Khans :slight_smile: priced to beat Stellia…

check out the reviews of ‘bad guy good audio reviews’ from youtube… maybe there is no need to spend too much for iems…