Mobile phone tracking

I provide mobile phones for my security staff. i would like to be able to check that they are indeed covering the area of the business (south africa) while they are patrolling – especially at night.

do you guys know of any safe, legal, cheap (free!!) tracking app or tracking website that would enable me to do this? I have searched the net and these things do indeed exist – but i want to be sure as some that i have come across look dubious (eastern europe etc). grateful for suggestions please.


Any mobile user can share their location via Google maps, for example.

If you enable that on each of the phones you won’t need to install anything.

That might work.

Cheers, Ian

Just make sure it ties in with local personal data protection legislation

sounds interesting – will investigate.

yes of course,. thanks!

Of course, these suggestions will only track the handsets, not your staff.

Haha that’s true. It brings to mind an artist who tricked Google Maps into thinking there was a traffic jam on a busy road, simply by walking the road with a trolley with 99 phones in it:

I use it when I go kayaking. It’s a brilliant feature. Tap the blue dot that marks your location, then tap share and choose the contacts with whom you want to share your location, and for how long.

I think it’s correct to say that Apple and Google permit very few apps to track location info in real time while running in the background. So you are probably better off using the built-in apps that already do this.

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