Mobile streaming 5G

I see, this would drain mine in 24 hours with 5 GHz and with 2.4, if on battery. But it would be permanently full if plugged in (even if I was actively using it all the time).

If yours goes flat when plugged in, then most likely the charger or the cable delivers less power than your tablet is using to power the screen. Are you using the charger and the cable that came with the tablet?

Well, for the same distance, if you double the frequency and you need an extra 6dB for the same distance. So that’s 4 times the power. This is due to an increase in the antenna/air coupling loss. In the case of wifi then, short distance indoors, it probably doesn’t matter that much. More of an issue indoors would be the RF circuits tend to be less efficient at higher frequencies.

For a phone connection to a mast I’d expect this extra free space loss to be more of an issue.

An interesting comment from Toms Hardware Guide

"Overall, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro battery life is a bummer over 5G, at least when surfing the web. So you may want to manually switch to 4G in some cases to save extra juice. "

That’s all I’m saying :slight_smile:

I started with the psu/cable that came with the tablet and had the issue. So next I started trying various alternative power adapters and cables but then I started to loose interest in the problem and it’s a while since I last tried the test. It works no problem on 2.4GHz - in fact 2.4GHz is often better indoors than 5GHz; yes I know that 5GHz can give more speed but, penetration/coverage wise 2.4GHz, is often better and as long as it’s fast enough for the streaming control app then it’s not a problem.

Yes, 2.4 has better penetration/coverage, and it is fast enough for the purpose.
But the tablet drawing more power with screen on than the power supply can deliver is still wrong. Can’t rule out that it is shoddily designed or the included PS too weak. Is a known issue with some cheap laptops as well, where the PS fails to charge the laptop if it is under load at the same time.

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I have noticed a battery improvement with my Samsung S20 Ultra versus WiFI.

After all day use by 10PM I am still at least 40-50%, with all the background activity on.

Things are a bit more complicated than that. But anyway, I doubt anyone else is interested.

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I’ve had the same experience when I used to use the TomTom app on a phone for navigation… the phone couldn’t charge fast enough and, after a few hours driving, it would shut down. Mind you this was a decade ago and things have probably moving on since then.

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I found exactly the same problem, but those ‘cigarette lighter’ chargers vary in power output, so it was simply a question of buying one that put out more power. (The current Tomtom app is a total disaster, so I now use Waze, but they still chew a fair amount of battery power.)

I remember when I could get amazing speeds on 4G when it came out and users where limited, lucky to get anything decent in London now. Same will happen with 5G. Mobile internet is no substitute for decent fibre at home.

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Well, as it 'appens, I did do that… Tried a few different makes until I found one that could keep up with the power drain. However then I had another problem: The phone would get so hot (a combination of being on the dash and power usage) it would still shut down! The fix was £65 at currys for a tomtom with lifetime updates. All the problems went away plus the screen was now large enough I could see it when the unit was pushed out of the way at the far end of the windscreen - I don’t like things cluttering up my field of view… plus it’s illegal though I know that doesn’t stop people having their phones suck right in the middle of the windscreen!