Modern DR amps with quad electrostatics

I have come across a pair of quad esl2812 on 2nd hand market, and decently priced. Since I am already the 12th year into my current ownership of my Harbeth SHL5s, upgraditis symptoms in abundance obviously…

Have anyone tried the 2812s with naims? My amps are 252/supercap dr and 300dr.


A friend of mine ran his Quads with a 500 but got Naim to make some changes to avoid the apparent ‘crow-bar’ protection. When he had his 500 DR’d Naim rechecked the settings. He’s just about to send his 500 back for a reset as he now has Ovator 800’s and wants it running at full throttle.

I’ve had 2812’s powered by a 300DR for the last 5 years or so and it’s an excellent combination. A 52 pre is in front of them.

I understand that the issue with using a 500 is that it is a bridged amp and doesn’t like the Quads’ floating earth.

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