Modern speaker combination nait 2?

Hello all,

I currently have a Naim nait 2 olive (cd version), which my dad gave to me when moving out. My dad used to play it combined with some royd bookshelf speakers (don’t remember which type). I really liked the sound of it. Unfortunately he does not want to lose the royd speakers so I am looking for a replacement set of speakers.

I’ve read the topic which lists all speakers with the nait 2. However I find it really hard to get my hands on a pair in the used market. Linn kan 1 or the BBC monitor speakers are not for sale used where I live, also the royds are not available.

Are there any modern options to consider? Klipsch 600m or ls 50 meta’s (i currently have it paired to q-acoustics 3020’s…mehh)?

Also I’m not willing to spend a lot more than 1k…

I’m really curious if people have tried to nait 2 with some new speakers. Hope you can help me out.

Royds were a great match in their day, but even if you could find a pair they will be very well used and spares are often unavailable.
The Nait doesn’t have loads of power, but there are plenty of speakers that will pair well with it. The Kef LS50 you mention would be on my shortlist, as would the Dynaudio Emit 20.

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I have been using my Nait-2 on my 3 way 4ohm (3.4 ohm minimum) floorstanders during the 4 weeks my Supernait was in for service. I was surprised how good it was, the little Nait is a very capable amp

I would short list a few small/medium 2 ways & see if dealers will offer you to demo with your Nait.
ProAc Totem 10 would be top of my list.

I would look at the Dali range and try and get a demo. Good speakers at relatively low cost.

I am seriously considering buying a modern pair of the classic BBCLS3/5A monitors to go with my Nait 2 in a ‘bedroom system’.

I think that Falcon, in or near Oxford (tel 01865 358001, may be the only manufacturers still making these 'speakers today. So it might be worth finding out who their dealers are, then making a few calls to some of them to find out what may be available.

Good luck.

PS You will probably know that Linn’s original Kan was their take on the 3/5, and the Nait/Kan combo was very popular back in the day, so you might want to look for a pair of Kans second hand.

There are actually a few firms manufacturing the LS3/5a today or modern variations thereof, not least being Rogers, of course. Perform a Google search on LS3/5a and you’ll see the options.

I found the Falcon speakers and they are available for import . However they will cost me around 3000 euro… that is more than I am willing to spend…

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Thanks for the replies so far! I will look into the given options.

If you can snag a pair of Guru QM10’s second hand reckon that would be a great combi. I’ve got both Ls50 Metas and the aforementioned Guru’s, the latter being so easy to drive and forgiving of placement, they have exceptional drive and timing abilities.

I’ve also got a pair of Klipsch RB81Mk2’s on loan with a mate who’s Focal’s blew up, they have a bit of a cult following but couldn’t be more different to the Kef’s in presentation, super exciting and the horn loaded tweeter makes for a thrilling ride albeit a bit relentless for some, certainly not boring.

Guru’s would be my choice with the amp you have.

If you can, get your hands on a pair of Naim nSAT bookshelf speakers, they are a mighty combination with the Nait 2

They pop up from time to time , nait2 drives them perfectly

I still enjoy the Linn Tukan/Keilidh with my Nait 1. The Keilidh provides real bass but can be overly warm if not well matched to the source/room - timing/coherence are excellent and they are tuneful too. The Tukan is even easier to drive but really needs Kan 2 stands (not hard to find) and can lack bass. Both are very well made, under appreciated, and cheap :slight_smile:

Hello, Nyez, and thanks for your reply.

Re-reading my earlier message, I see that I didn’t make myself clear. My suggestion is that you ring the Falcon dealers/importers (I’m not sure where you live) to ask if they have, or know of, any second hand LS3/5s available for sale.

Bevo’s suggestion of nSats is a good one too. They are lovely little things, but I don’t think that Naim made them in huge numbers before production ceased under Focal, and I imagine that they command high prices on the second hand market.

PS I see that Mr Dane has picked up this thread. He will be better placed than anyone to advise you.

If it’s a digital source you’ll be using then the NAIT2 and nSats are an excellent pairing.

As for Kans, they will probably work fine (especially with an analogue source) but tend to be best with a bit more power behind them. Ls3/5as may look superficially similar (early Kans supposedly used left over LS3/5 cabs from one of the defunct licensees), and they share the B110 mid/bass driver, but they are otherwise very different speakers in overall sound and performance.

If Royds are out of the question (Minstrels would be great btw) then consider a pair of Neats. I reckon the Motive 2s would be well worth trying on the NAIT2…


How much are you willing to spend ?

You will need reasonably efficient speakers , I have Harbeth P3ESR and they are not efficient .

Maybe something like the PMC DB1 , very efficient or ProAc Tablettes , very popular on this forum.

At the end of the day the short list will come from the efficiency of the speakers and the price you want to pay. Also do you want new or second hand?

Given it’s limited power, I might be considering some options more often used with flea power tube amps if you want to fill a fair sized room.

  • Omega
  • Zu

I actually use a pair of Omegas with a 10w amp and have pondered giving them a go on a UQ2.

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There are also LS3/5a “clones”, as well as Harbeth and Spendor, Falcon make the Q7 and Graham the Chartwell LS6. There is a UK dealer with ex-demo Swisstone LS3 which were favourably reviewed, designed by Derek Hughes.
You might find these come close to the more expensive models.

Currently using Neat Petite IIIs with my Nait 2 in my office system. Great pairing and they can be found at a reasonable price well within your budget. Other options that I found that also work well with the Nait 2 are Totem Mites and Epos ELS3s. These are all bookshelf speakers of similar size to the Linn Kan 1 / LS3/5a speakers but are ported designs and do benefit from being on a good stand or at a minimum on Isoacoustic or similar stands if on a bookshelf and not being up against a wall.

I can confirm that a pair of Royds are definitely worth chasing down if possible, however if not Neat speakers are a great match. Welcome and good luck.

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I must have been living in a cave for 30 odd years - I didn’t realise the extensive range of Royd speakers that were out there

Where did you purchase your Prior ‘s from?

They may well be ok with the nait 2 having sensitivity of 87db

Harry of course he made sure I had a pair of speakers that my (scheduled) upgrades would grow into, which is exactly what happen with each upgrade they just got better. The Priors were their largest speaker at they made at that time, think I paid about $3k back 94.