Modification to Nait 5i to replace tape out to pre out

Would the above be possible? Would like to have the possibility to add more gusto via a connected power amplifier? Has anyone done such a modification.
Thanks for you help.

Giles, please note forum rules - discussion of unauthorised modifications to Naim kit is not allowed here. Thanks.

Doesn’t the 5i have a passive pre section? That would account for there not being a pre out. Naim would love to sell you a separate power amp, that’s how they lure into an upgrade cycle, so there would be a pre out if it made any sense.

You’d need a Nait 5 in order to add a power amp.

GiLes, Standard upgrade procedure from Nait 5i would be to head for a pre power amp combo such as NAC202, NAP200.

When I had a Nait 5i I swapped it for a 122x/150x and the improvement was huge. You can find these boxes at very good prices, and can later add a Flatcap 2x to make it even better.

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