Mofi QC issues? Or bad luck?

Has anyone else had problems with mofi records? I pulled the trigger on a new sealed dire straits 45rpm. My first dip into a mega pricey record. The records had splits around the spindle and finger marks and light buffing on the surface together with a scuff on the dead wax…sibilance was annoying and a loud pop on track one 45 seconds in…the replacement was slightly better but still a buffing and finger marks which put me off… Im amazed to be honest…

I had a MoFi of Brothers In Arms that I sent back because it mistracked in the exact same place on 3 or 4 plays - the only album my XX-2 has ever not tracked.
I’ve not had problems like those you mention though.
What did amaze me was reading the notes on the accompanying flyer - something along the lines of “don’t stress about pops and clicks, they’ll disappear on repeated playing”. Yeah, right.

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