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I have a Chord Mojo/poly which I am trying to connect into a 272.

The 272 is presently an input source into a 282 via it’s lineout so its preamp isn’t being used.

I’ve taken what I assumed would be the easiest route to connection which is 3.5mm to 2 RCA which I have connected from the Mojo headphone socket to the 272 Analogue Input 1. However there’s no sound coming out of either the 272, it’s headphone socket or the speakers when analogue 1 selected via the app.

Any thoughts? Can’t really think of anything beyond a faulty 3.5 to 2 RCA…

Isn’t input 1 the DIN input. I would have thought you need to use 2 or 3 ( and make sure the appropriate one is enabled) as these are the RCA inputs.

Hi. I am a newcomer and obviously I may be teaching you to suck eggs but have you been into tools and enabled Analogue Input 1.

Connect it to the 282, not the 272. You are using the 272 as a digital source so its preamp isn’t doing anything.

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You are absolutely right, input 1 is DIN.

Will switch on the ‘right’ input via the app when I get home later.

HH is correct, you should connect it to the 282.

And there’s another question - why have a 272 as source and a Mojo/Poly? Wouldn’t it be better to have an NDX2 if going the Naim route, or a streamer and dac if going a non-Naim way?

Yes you are right about the 282 but I just don’t have a 3.5mm to din handy, the 272 is plugged in via din and I can’t be bothered with faffing around with the remote to switch inputs.

On another note thinking about getting a Hugo 2 and using as a pure headphone amp from the 282 - does this stack up well against the headline for example?

The 272 is a placeholder as I’ve just bought the 282.

The mojo poly is just my portable streamer that I wanted to test as an input really.

The debate for me is ndx 2 or chord tt2 with M scaler into blue sound vault - and I think I’m not alone being undecided in that regard!

If the ndx 2 then I’d buy a Hugo 2 for the headphone amp I think, unless someone convinces me of something else

If you’re thinking Hugo2 then the 2Go is a good streaming option.

So Hugo 2/2go as a primary source on its own - does that really beat an ndx2 with XPS dr?

Hugo2/2go is about 3k all in.

Probably not, but I don’t really get using the Hugo2 just as a headphone amp. If you are going NDX2 as source then a standalone headphone amp would be my choice.

Yes sorry I would be using it as mainly a portable device, maybe with the 2go) which I would then appropriate as a headphone amp when needed. It would save me buying a separate headphone amp. Unless there are headphone amps superior to what the Hugo 2 can offer but substantially cheaper (say sub 500) ?

Tbh I’m considering doing the same at some point. The hugo2 and 2go would eliminate some gear in my chains and give me some versatility when I’m able to physically be back in the office

I don’t think you can play the 282 through the Hugo2; but if all of your sources are digital through the Hugo2, that would not matter.


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