Mola Mola Makua preamp, anyone had a listen?

Just wondering people’s thoughts on the Mola Mola Makua preamp with the DAC board upgrade.

Specifically if it matches or betters a 252/NDS set up for instance.

I want to downsize my stereo set up, but not if the sound of the Mola Mola isn’t up to what I have now.

@Bart knows the Mola Mola. He will certainly give some light here. :smile:

These guys from my home town may have found a Mola mola:

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Yes, it’s why I cited you. I remember that, It was funny. ( audiophilia thread).

I have heart them briefly. Very high quality sound but to my sense a little dry when I compared the MolaMola pre:power against my 252/300 at the dealer. Others might prefer MolaMola over Naim. I heart the MolaMola playing with Vivid Audio Gaya 45. Very nice combo

following this thread with interest . using class d icepower at the moment . rather better than i expected

Thank you. I’ll have to have a listen, it has (or will have after the Streamer board upgrade soon) everything I need and nothing I don’t.

Interesting to see if it wasn’t perhaps the Class D power amp what was a touch dry sounding ?

Strangely i find the ice power monoblocks to be on the warm side with a sense of realism . they really match well with my bel canto pre . for the money they are superb value as they cost verys little . there are quite a few class d amps now to choose from . Nord being the most popular i think , followed by gato perhaps . a new comer is march audio from australia . the market is becoming rather full so one would have to think very carefully about investing in mola mola when such competition

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