Monitor Audio Gold 300 4G + Nova

Dear All. I have a Nova with Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby. After more than a year of testing, I decided that I want a much more detailed and precise sound, with well-controlled and tight low frequencies, almost the opposite of the VA sound.
I have listened to Focal with pleasure, but I fear that the tweeters will fatigue me over time. I also liked Monitor Audio.
I have the opportunity to buy used Monitor Audio Gold 300 4G like new at a good price. I have doubts regarding the power requirement of the MA, if the Nova will be enough.
Does anyone have experience with these models or any similar ones? any opinion? Thank you

I play the nova with MA Gold 200 5G; after my buying decision, the sales rep told me he played the nova with a set of 300 5G in his living room; both 300 4G and 5G have a 90dB sensitivity, so I expect the 4G will do fine. But since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, try before you buy and take the room into the equation. I don’t think it will match with an atom as mentioned in your system description. atb, SP

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Thank you very much for your ideas. I have a Nova, but my profile was not updated. I already updated it.
Your Nova gets along well with M.A. according to your taste?

the synergy works for me; elevating the nova with in my case ultra mini stillpoints, switching to NAC A5 from AQ Rocket33 and a NOS AQ Thunder v1 power cable were my final tweaks.

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