Monitor Audios not keeping up!

I do normally try to at least shop audition new stuff, but ATM, its impossible.

At present, my speakers are the weakest link and I am looking at an upgrade to get the best from my XS2 and CD5si and Rega (p3 equivalent) table.

I currently have a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 5 floorstanders, supported by Gaia’s . The sound is great but I feel I need some speakers with a more transparent and dynamic sound. The MAs are running at their maximum quality wise I think.

I have a 3m by 5m room, unfortunately I have to sit across the shortest (3m) distance from the spkrs.

About 1k budget. Any steer would be great.

The best steer is probably to wait until you can actually try potential speakers at home. It’s also worth looking for some that work hard against the wall, such as ProAc’s Tablette 10. One other thing to reflect on is that your sources could do with improvement to balance with your amplifier; if you get higher resolution speakers, source inadequacies may well be highlighted.


HH - thanks for your advice, good points well made. I am however more than delighted with my CD player. The table is basically a P1 but with an Origin Live Onyx arm and a AT VM95ML cart, upgraded sub platter and platter.

This. ( i personally like the Naim/ ProAc combo)

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Emit M30?

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From left field… a pair of Naim SBLs.

Hear me out. The first pair I ever heard were in a dealer’s dem room about the size of yours, with solid walls and concrete floor. The electronics were a CD5i and Nait XS. Terrific sound and I knew I wanted a pair.

Please report back, whichever speakers you choose.

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If you like the MAs, perhaps a pair of Gold 100s? I changed to Gold GX300s a few months ago and while a couple generations older, they are quite spectacular.


Blimey….I thought I was the only one on here with MA Gold GX300s!

Although I am likely to move on from MA speakers in my next (and hopefully final) change, the GX300s have seen me all the way from a Uniti2 to my current 500 (almost) system and they have clearly shown the uplift in SQ throughout this journey. For a large rear ported speaker, it is ridiculous how well the GX300s work close to a rear wall in a small room. I know from personal experience.

So to the OP, don’t necessarily give up on MA, particularly the Gold range (pre loved with a £1k budget), if you like the MA signature.

Of course there are many other fine speakers out there, but as has already been said, be patient and wait for the time when you can audition a few.

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You been keeping OK? Missed you on the forum.

Hi Gazza, yes we are all fine, hope you and yours are too.

I am keeping busy in the garden and getting out to exercise on my bike. Now the weather has turned, I’ll listen to more music.

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We are fine, though we have a funny feeling we may have had this virus…will have to wait until the antigen test kits are widely available. Our symptoms were luckily very mild, if have had it.

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Aye, @NigelB, you seemed to have disappeared a wee bit, of late … no problems with yer sparkly bottom, I hope? :joy:

@dave-marshall, with all this cycling I have been doing, I do have a ‘sub-optimal’ bottom, but the sparkly one is fine.

Possibly too much information for this place!

Sorry to the OP for the toilet humour diversion.


No worries, I’m a roadie myself.
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The new Monitor Audio Silver 200 and 300 are really nice and closer to your budget. Not sure where you are in the world , but 1k get you close to the Silver 200 on demo or used in USD. The Gold series with the ribbon tweeter is amazing, but not an option on your budget (in USD at least). I have seen some Gold 100 (monitors) close to you range.

If you are talking GBP then you are probably in better shape.

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