Mono 3.5mm to RCA for system automation

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cable for Mono 3.5mm to RCA for system automation? Can’t seem to find anything other than super cheapies on Amazon. Or does this make zero difference?

Disnae matter at ‘aw, nae signal an’ nae power happenin’.

Buy the cheap wan. :+1:

Mine cost 1.99 and works just beautifully.

Is there a Super Lumina version ? :wink:


It should not make a difference and I can’t hear any with or without automation, but as usual on the forum there are others who insist that one needs a fancy cable and some who even hear if automation is enabled although no cable is connected. As always we can’t hear what they hear, so who’s to say. YMMV

A cable for a Naim system for £1.99? That’ll never do.

Mine was 49p on Amazon and does the job it needs to.


:rofl: :+1:

Dark Bear finds that system automation degrades the sound quality.
Chris Bell found that a better cable than the cheap one improves the sound.
However they have both 500 series and more systems.

Yes that’s more or less that I said. I think there are other members as well. I am not taking it as gospel and I have my reasons, but it’s no use debating, and hence I presented both viewpoints, the OP has to decide for themself

I just completed your post…so yes, more or less what you said.

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I’m in the camp that feels automation enabled and cable connected has a slightly negative impact.

Disabled and disconnected here. Enjoy using the iPad and R-Com for control.


I guess the obvious is to unplug the cable, disable automation and see if I can hear any difference. Ill pop downstairs and try it now.

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