Moonage Daydream Trailer

Brett Morgen’s film Moonage Daydream now has a full trailer, and looks very interesting - I’m in! Can be seen over on Youtube…

More over on Pitchfork…

“Moonage Daydream premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. The film, which Bowie’s estate approved, features unreleased 35mm and 16mm footage from his personal archives”.


A good review over on the Empire website…

“A new documentary about the life and work of the late, great pop pioneer David Bowie, created by Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck director Brett Morgen, with the backing of Bowie’s estate and featuring a wealth of rare and never-before-seen footage.”

“A spectacular documentary portrait of a great artist and extraordinary pop star. Despite a few omissions, it’s a triumph of Sound And Vision, and essential for every David Bowie fan”

Saw this in a cinema last weekend, great looking on the big screen. As a Bowie tragic I can’t wait.


“A Bowie Tragic” Like that phrase!

Excellent, looking forward to seeing it.

Have got seats booked for 29th September,the trailer is excellent.

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Looking forward to it.

But lovely comment on the Hoffman site that did make me smile:-

It seems Brett Morgen had unfettered access to the whole Bowie estate to use the holy grail of Bowie material and what does he do he uses 99% of what is already on YouTube.

You should never trust the Hoffmen so I’ll await to see if that is the case. Also, interested to see if the two people that made it all possible Angie and Defries are mentioned and given due credit.


Saw this yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have seen a certain amount of it before from BBC documentaries, TV/fan interviews, the Ricochet DVD (the Far East stuff on the Serious Moonlight tour) but lots more stuff that was new to me.

Bowie is such a lovely interviewee, polite, funny, modest, very intelligent and his voice overs guide us through the movie in a largely chronological manner.

The music is familiar of course but I thought the versions were very slightly different from those I am used to so that was really a nice surprise for me.

A must for Bowie fans. Anyone seen it yet?



Looking forward to seeing it, but not sure if I’ll make it to the cinema - will probably wait until its on Apple TV.

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Booked for Thursday evening.

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Yes. I saw it at an iMAX in Miami earlier this week. And yes, it’s a must for Bowie fans, although there’s little that’s new, no context offered, no explanations about the where & when of locations, and no semblance of a narrative.

For all that, the interviews are mostly great fun, as is the music (apart from the wretched Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me). As I said elsewhere, it would have made an excellent companion piece to the David Bowie Is exhibition of several years ago.

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