Mordaunt-Short MS25i tower speakers

Does anyone have experience with these speakers with Naim? I’ve just replaced my Uniti2 with a Star in my garage, which is set up as a games room (next to the main music room - perfect for multi-rooming). The current speakers there are my (first system) 80’s Acoustic Research 22BX’s on stands. The set up isn’t perfect due to the pool table etc. Anyway, there is local pair of Mordaunt-Short MS25i tower speakers available in black ash for a great price, so just wondering whether a swap would be worthwhile. I can’t find much in the way of reviews. The 22BX’s perform reasonably well, but on paper the MS’s seem quite a bit better?

I had a pair of MS speakers in my first Naim system and they worked quite well….if its a great price and they do not match, sell them?

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With the MS-25i one can (very carefully, without letting it magnetically snatching back) remove the tweeter grille for extra dispersion…

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That’s my thoughts, they are about 200 pounds. But old speakers would be hard to move as well I think.


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