More app moans

So after getting the app to some sort of functional level after installing my new ND5XS2, even without kbps ratings against radio stations in search mode and no logos against Playlists using the “Favourite” button, I thought I’d try reloading the app to see if it made a difference.

Sure did. I’ve now got what appears to be full functionality at the first screen beyond “Favourites”, but then I find it displays my old “Tidal” lists as well as my new Qobuz items despite not having the Tidal input enabled and the subscription cancelled.

If I go through the Qobuz logo, it doesn’t allow me to put anything in order.

This is getting beyond a joke.

hi @mikeD
i had the same problem with old tidal items being displayed alongside Qobuz ones but disabling tidal input solved it for me - thats on android version of app. have you closed and reopened the app since disabling tidal. if all else fails i tend to switch off and unplug my muso2 and then restart and also restart my tablet in case some flag somewhere is hanging on in cache. hope that helps

sorry for posting twice - i got a rather unhelpful message “sorry - an error has occured” after first time

Closed it. Reopened it. Uninstalled and reinstalled.


Just went to the Tidal app and noticed that my subscription was still running until the end of the month, so I went through the cancellation process again.

A miracle. Tidal logos disappeared from my lists.

I suppose after a while they’ll appear again until Tidal officially shut my account, but that really doesn’t explain why disabling the input doesn’t remove this on the app.

And “Playlists” have gone back to having no graphics against the items after the “Favourites” screen although they reappear on the next one after toggling an individual list, but not after toggling “More”.

sounds like you are semi-sorted for now - i understand there will be another new version of the app along quite soon thou whether that’s a good thing i don’t know!

It’s a mess. A very disappointing one.

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@pocklefo some interesting quirks of your new app favourites icon highlighted here, that you might want to pass on to the developers.



Hi Mike,
Just a word of warning. Cancelling your Tidal subscription does not delete the account on their database, they also hang on to your payment details. If you have software running such as the Naim App, on a phone or tablet with the Tidal Login details saved, there is a chance you might inadvertently restart your Tidal subscription and incur unwanted charges. (speaking from experience here). To be safe, make sure you strip out your login details from any third party apps you may have used. I resolved the issue myself by simply using a laptop to change the password and then logging back on, to cancel Tidal. :slight_smile:

A-ha! Thanks for that. I’ll look into it.

Yes indeed.

I feel sure the Beta group would welcome an ND5XS2 user into the fold. It would be a great place for you to report your issues for a fix and even air suggestions for new features.

The beta group isn’t about making suggestions for new features, although of course suggestions about how proposed new features might work better can fit into a testing thread.

Anyway Naim is always looking for new beta testers who are willing to put the time and effort in to test new firmware and software releases, especially I believe if they have current products to test on (and not just legacy products).



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Hello David,
I actually said “air suggestions for new features” which is indeed one of the asks of a beta group to test and discuss. It is part of the discourse.

Yes, I agree that beta testers do need to be involved for the testing to work, that is up to the individual to decide. Being involved in a beta group is an option instead of just reporting a software/firmware issue.

Sorry MikeD, looks like this is going a bit off topic here, I was just trying to make a constructive suggestion. Good luck with your new streamer and enjoy the music :slight_smile:

I went to try out some speakers today. As this outlet isn’t a Naim dealer I packed up my Atom and took it with me. First time I have had to use the Naim app for music playback in long while and first use at all for the new version. God it’s an awful experience, it lost control everytime I had to bring it back from lock screen and when connected it had very bad lag issues with slow responses to any action. Granted this could have been their WiFi but it streamed hires from Qobuz with out issues. Maybe I saturated their bandwidth. Considering most home wifi is not stellar it made me feel very sorry for those who have to put up with this level of performance. It was truly shocking. I hope this was an isolated incident.

So I’ve started to notice that some of my Albums, transported to Qobuz from Tidal using Soundiiz, are not showing up on the Qobuz list if I use the NAIM app for replay.

One previous missing album showed up after I went to Qobuz and deselected then re-favourited.

Just now, I saw that of the three Joe Walsh albums in my Qobuz list, only two showed when I used the NAIM app.

I went to the Qobuz app and repeated that process.

Back to the NAIM app. No change.

Went to Qobuz. Did it again. Back to NAIM. Missing album showed.


Closed the NAIM app. Opened it again. All three albums now there.

I’m fed up. This on top of everything else is a complete disgrace.

An absolute and total shambles.

NAIM, how DARE you release this rubbish - get it sorted quick, for god’s sake. :angry::angry::angry:

Any luck with the speakers?

I must admit that since the latest iOS update native Tidal home screen isn’t quite as slick as it once was. It forces me to use the favourites star where as before i didn’t have to. I’m sure it’ll get sorted. Other than that i’ve always found the Naim app quite reliable and simple to use. Not tried Qobuz yet though…

I don’t use iOS.

This whole thing is about the Qobuz integration. Nothing to do with Tidal.

It appears to have degenerated since the latest “upgrades”.

In my experience in a work context, the announcement of a software “upgrade” was always a signal for things about to go wrong, but for NAIM to allow this incompetent and cackhanded farce to go forward is unforgiveable.

I just got off a call with someone who has a Linn K-DSM & he too is having issues with Qobuz, not saying its the same, but maybe this is a Qobuz problem.

Folks on here certainly seem to complain about Qobuz quite often. When i was using a laptop via a USB DAC it used to crash quite often. When it worked it was great but i always found it irritable and annoying. It was clunky, hardly ever found the album/music i was searching for and then it would crash when i did. Tidal on the other hand is a bit like Spotify, it just works. Hence the lack of moaning about both of those two services here.

Ever since Naim have introduced Qobuz onto their app i have turned mine off and forgotten about it. Life’s too short to be getting stressed out over a limited music streaming service.

Early days yet. Only demoed two so far better than my current ones and made be realise how good the Atom can sound. A few more to go before I start to narrow it down and then try at home. No dealers round here seem to do home trials though it’s sell and return only but they give a longer no quibbles return policy if you don’t get on with them at home. Not ready for that hassle yet of having to change everything about.

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