More nDAC magic!

Once again, while browsing music I found something that blew me away since I’ve got the nDAC. Listening on heaphones or whatnot just won’t cut it…the nDAC spits this out like nothing else.

I was literally intoxicated by this album and this artist, I got high on it and it just seemed to be made for the nDAC.

Some of the crispest, cleanest, new sounds I’ve heard in some time. A full album of good songs is so rare, and one-hit-wonders are everywhere…be patient and wait and listen.

For those who love this type of music you will hear many influences there:

The Prodigy
Depeche Mode
Front 242
Skinny Puppy
Souxsie and the Banshees


Happy to hear you are getting along just fine with the nDAC.


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