More tidal issues since update

Good afternoon, I updated my NDS at the start of the week because of the login issue so im now on the latest firmware on the player and latest software on my iphone. I only have one app running.

Since the update when i get the Cant Play skipped track message, it seems the player locks up into connecting constantly, then the app says theres another app connected (there isnt) and loses connection to the player. i have switched the player off 6 times today to get it connect for the same thing to happen when it cant play a track. I am also finding some albums/tracks on tidal that used to play just wont anymore. i did notice Billie eilish - Dont smile at me album locks the player up completely. is there anyone out there that could try this album to see what it does? be very much appreciated

Anyone else finding this? i know its an older player but is this what ND555 owners have to look forward to in another 5 years time?

My system is pretty much unusable at this point but any advice or other users finding this since the update?

Have you done a factory reset after completing the software upgrade? If not, try that and see if it helps.

I have not mate, have you had issues yourself? i dont want to start just doing stuff if its not relevant.

If its only me having this issue then i need to explore what it might be

I don’t have a legacy streamer, nor do I use Tidal. But I do know that a factory reset following a firmware update is recommended, and indeed can fix a range of issues that sometimes come up. It’s well worth a few button presses to see if it fixes things.

I shall do it now mate

The other thing to try is restarting your router (and then restarting your NDS again). This often sorts out issues of this sort.

This seems to have fixed the locking up issue so nice one for that.

Still wont play certain albums but at least i dont have to power the unit off

when you say restarting the router, do you mean switch it off and on again? i shall try this next

Yes turn the router off and on again. Wait for it to fully restart before turning your NDS on again.

Even though the router works for everything else, it can happen that particular routers haven’t had the standard protocols that Naim uses implemented well and a restart of the router can sort that out.

Ok so i did a complete reset of my router, turned everything off and back on in the order you suggested. still getting skipped track

Are you using the NDS wireless? If so, try running a cable and see if that helps.

Im using a cable mate, might try a different cable???

I doubt changing a cable would help? Do you have a switch between the router and NDS? If so, turn them all off. First reboot the router, ensuring it’s finished before turning on the switch, waiting a bit, and finally the NDS.

I was thinking it might be a faulty cable but im doubting this aswel.

Theres no switch, straight into the router from nds

I know this problem too. After resetting my device a few times, it works better. The Billie Elish album is greyed out on Tidal in my app, so I can’t even play it.

We should rather open a topic with “Bugs with 4.8”.

Looking directly at the Tidal app, shows that the album in question, is a Atmos file. Reverting to my Naim iOS app on my iPad there was a banner which stated that the file will not play on ND555.
Doing a brief web search indicates that Tidal Atmos files play in a different way, eg via airplay.
That suggests to me that there isn’t in this regard, a problem with 4.8.

Perhaps I can also highlight, that for those posting an issue, adding details of their control point including model and OS version helps everyone and if someone has the same configuration, they can indicate in their response. There have been some good and useful comments from soem peps above.

One further point worth considering is to do a reset of the control point in use.

edit: my SU isn’t switched on just now, but when I get a moment, I will take a look at what occurs if I try the album in question.

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Neither can I, please see my response to Damien above.

aaaah thank you mate, that is very useful.

i know with tidal they seem to have multiple versions of the same albums, im guessing these are in different audio formats. with the first Billie album there is only one version so its looking like tidal have reduced the versions

very useful thank you mate.

That’s one issue ticked off, if you still have the following issue, have you tried a phone reset? Useful to know the model and iOS version, as i commented.