More tidal issues since update

the locking up after can not play seems to be fixed after resetting the player, thats something i didnt do after the update.

its just the cant play bit on some albums and tracks but i think thats down to the audio formats not being compatible

im going to keep this post updated over the next few days if anything strange happens, it would be nice to be able to play everything on tidal though

IIUC that is up to Tidal - tracks or albums are greyed out - peps report this can actively change, which seems to be dependant on licensing granted to Tidal.

I can appreciate your frustration, based on your op. It is worth remembering that when first gen streamers were first released, Tidal’s streaming service wasn’t available. Naim spent some considerable effort, which has been well documented in previous threads, enabling the firmware to handle Tidal streaming. This for all first gen streamers, which was not a spec when these units were first new.
In addition, the specific Tidal development costs were made freely available to all first gen owners - FOC; the Uniti was released in 2009 and first network player NDX was released a year later.
That’s well more than a decade. Naim may yet have a further firmware update in development - we generally don’t get advised. Your five year and other comment perhaps a tad harsh - let’s just finally remember, Naim still offer service on any product every made, with just a proviso, that the parts remain available.

I do fully understand, its the same with netflix etc, a movie that was available last month might not be available moving forward.

I think with my comment regarding 555 owners, still sort of valid because the streaming companies might change something which would be out of Naim’s control. it would just be a nature of the beast type situation.

I do have a nas so i might start buying albums just to guarantee i have music i play on a regular. If Tidal went bust id be stuffed!lol

If you have a nas, then there are threads here about workarounds to use the nas to stream Qobuz.
Don’t under estimate Naim’s determination, to address any potential situation you might envisage.
If you read the psst re Tidal with legacy streamers, you will appreciate just how the hoops were jumped.

I shall have a look mate thank you

The way to use the NAS for Qobuz is to load Bubble upnp software and then use the Linn Kazoo app to control it. All that is free, and it’s just a case of sorting out a few settings. I don’t use a streaming service, partly because the choice confuses me, and partly because the artists are paid so appallingly. I have over 4,000 albums on my Qnap, so if Tidal sinks tomorrow I really couldn’t care less. Qobuz is a good source of downloads, as is Bandcamp, artists’ own sites and various others.

I think this is the route id like to take, the last few days has shown me if theres an issue with a streaming service my system pretty much is useless. I do collect 4k physical media for this reason and the quality.

Bit of an update on this, its still locking the player up for the most part after a track wont play.

Plays with no problems for me. (app on iPhone, Mu-so II, based in UK.)

yours is the latest generation though mate

Indeed it does…now! When @Damien0 posted yesterday, when I checked Tidal, there was only an “Atmos” album available, which as I described above will not play. Checking 24 hours on, Tidal now list no less than three albums with the same title, in addition to the Atmos version, Master and another is listed. As often happens, Tidal change availability on a very frequent basis.

Damien perhaps you can see if your “album” now plays as I described in the above post?

As far as tracks from other albums not playing, I am unclear as to what this means.

I recognise it’s frustrating, there are several peps here who are willing to help. However, while I have a couple of ideas, it would be useful if you gave a step by step bullet point descrip of what leads to what. If you are raising it with support, it will be the same info.

Perhaps you can briefly document isp, router, wifi. Detail of what is connected permanently to your network - IoT, Sky box et al?

When you play a Tidal album, ensure only one control point is in use and have all others totally switched off. Detail the album and then what happens. I have an SU on 4.8 and Tidal, with an iPh XR. Incidentally do you have at least one iRadio station as a preset on your NDS?

It was hard to find on Tidal. Title is case specific which is unusual. The only version under artist is the Atmos version. I found it via a fan playlist.

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