Morgana vs Chord Anthem

I’m currently using a chord anthem din-din interconnect between my ndx and sn2. I’m reading good things about the Morgana but being in Canada access to one for trial isn’t an easy option. Does anybody have experience with both interconnects that can comment on the similarities/differences in performance? Speakers are Neat Sx5i’s with Tellurium Silver II speaker cables to give you a more complete picture of the system in which the Morgana might be introduced. TIA

I read NDX. Not NDX2?

I have recently installed a Morgana interconnect to replace a standard NAIM 5 pin DIN. Plus Morgana mono XLR between the Supercap2 and NAP300DR. Never used the Chord interconnect. By everything I’ve read that’s also a decent cable. Change with the Morganas is minimal so far, but the system seems more “at rest”. I haven’t done any serious AB listening. But the change is so small it could just be psychosomatic having spent so much on cables. So I just wanted to temper your expectations.

Without being snobby, I cannot in any way imagine that a Morgana interconnect would be a worthwhile upgrade for your current system, compared to say saving up and buying an NDX2 or an XPS (if you already have an NDX2).

Best advice I can give is: enjoy what you have.

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Thanks @MeToo this is helpful

Hi dave, like MeToo I haven’t used the Chord interconnect. However, unlike MeToo, I found changing the standard Naim leads between my boxes (282/SCDR/250DR) to Morgana cables, significantly improved the sound - more open, extended top end, deeper but more controlled bass. I like MT’s description that their system seemed more ‘at rest’ when using the Morgana interconnects - my system does sound easier and more open despite not losing any sense of timing and excitement in the music being played.
There are a couple of forum threads about people’s findings on using Morgana, so you might want to check them.
However, not having used the Chord interconnect, I cannot say you would find the same differences between those and the Morgana. WitchHat do a 30 day money back guarantee on their leads, so you could contact them to see if that applied and could be extended for Canada.
Best wishes Amer


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