Morgana XLRs arriving

Three of those beauties isn’t cheap!

I presume the snake skin pattern (adder) isn’t by chance.

Update. Not great unfortunately. After a full strip down, clean and rebuild I was getting a significant crackling/hissing through the bass speakers on both channels. Not noticeable on louder music but noticeable in quieter passages and very noticeable when the music was off. Swapped mid and bass cables, hiss remained on bass. Swapped NAP250s across mid and bass, hiss remained on bass. Hiss remains with mute on. Hiss goes if I put Naim XLR cable back in. Very odd and disappointing. Waiting to hear back from Witch Hat.


I wrote to them 3 days ago asking

I would like to buy your Morgana cables to connect:

  1. Naim Hi-Cap DR to Naim 250 DR

  2. Naim 282 to Naim Hi-Cap

Exactly what cables should I buy on your shop and how much is the combined price?

Thank you

but no answer

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You guys aren’t supposed to discuss non-NAIM SNAIC cables. It’s against the forum TOS. Third party interconnects and speakers cables are fair game, but not for cables that carry power.

WItchHat answered an email from earlier this week, but have not answered followup emails the past two days.

So bettere to use Naim cable always, ok

deleated post

I use the standard Naim SNAIC and Burndy cables. I have WitchHat Phantom Speaker cable and am planning to buy the WitchHat Morgana DIN-XLR mono pair for my 300DR.

This doesn’t follow logically at all - all that is being said is that discussion is against forum rules. Whether the aftermarket cables are better or not than Naim’s own is for people to decide based on their listening experiences.

Discussion about aftermarket cables that replace Naim cables with power – like SNAICs – is against the forum TOS. One of the relevant post was edited to comply. That may seem confusing if you see the discussion after the fact.

@JosquinDesPrez I read the rules a bit differently. Discussing things that can cause damage or injury like opening components and mucking about modifying things, changing out fuses or changing out connectors, or Caps. All Verboten. But power cables, mains conditioning, fixing hums, different interconnects, speaker cables , Ethernet stuff. All is ok. I think. Sometimes it does seem as if the goal posts can get moved. But I’m
In the US, we seem to have a lot less regulations. But I could be wrong

The SNAICs and Burndies are propietary configuration though and Naim haven’t licensed their specs for 3rd parties. As such, while they may or may not work, they all are made via reverse engineering. I know that isn’t hard given it’s just a cable but there it is.

We can talk about them on other places if required. Worth noting, Naim didn’t say we have to follow the forum rules that we agree with, they just said we have to follow the rules period.

No amount of whining will make them say “you’re right! We’ve changed our mind!”. So might as well just go along with it quietly or take it elsewhere.


I have a pair between my supercap Dr and 300dr, sounded great but: the 4 Din plugs without the locking latches can be a problem. It first caused me right channel gone till I wiggle around the plug on supercap. This has been sorted by using Furutech NCF booster on the supercap end to make secured connection. This is quite annoying to be honest. I have made a suggestion to witchhat.

@Richard.Dane will explain it to you. He has been clear and explicit about it many times: discussion of 3rd party SNAIC and Burndy cables is strictly off limits. Your interpretation of forum rules doesn’t matter otherwise. I’m in the U.S. too. Also irrelevant. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made that mistake once before and was corrected.


Thank you for bringing that up. I’m about to order the mono pair and would rather have the locking DIN connectors. I’ve emailed them to ask about it.

Doesn’t regular SL 4pin also have no latch? And a heavy metal air plug at that. Not sure I’ve heard any issues though.

Opus, from the forum rules;

We do not permit discussion of modifications to internal components of Naim equipment and this also extends, at the Moderators’ discretion, to products from other manufacturers. This also applies to discussion of companies who undertake unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment.

Modification extends to the use of 3rd party or home-made power supplies and any cabling that carries DC power between Naim equipment.

This rule applies especially to the case fuses fitted within our equipment. There is a blanket and strict ban on such topics and it includes euphemistic phrases that ultimately reference such practices and attempt to circumvent the restriction.

An extension of this is discussion of alterations to the mains wiring, sockets, plugs, fuses and mains leads. Some exchanges about this can take place in the Padded Cell but will be subject to moderation on a precautionary basis. Excessive/obsessive discussion will also be closed or removed.

A further extension of this is discussion relating to unauthorised modification to Naim firmware or software.

You may need to send them a couple of email reminders, as I have experienced, but they seem to be a helpful company to deal with. I turned to them to get a pair of mono cables which are longer than those supplied by Naim who unfortunately won’t supply special lengths (checked with the Naim help desk).

Indeed. They returned my call this morning and diagnosed the Snaxo as being the cause of my noise through the bass drivers. I do recall hearing about stability issues on Snaxos before so it does make sense. Continuing to trial the Morgana but just on Treble and Mid. I’d say just call them if you have a query, they may be busy but have always been helpful and responsive to me so far.