Most important set component in power cord choice

After the powercord from the wall, the pre-amp benifits most of a extreem high quality power cord. At least, this is what I often read.
I have the NAC 282 with the high cap DR. My question would be: If I have only one extreem good power cord, in a balanced power system (for example a chord saturn in a power cable systeem with all shawline chord cables or a Nordost frey 2 in a systeem with all red dawn cables). Would I put this one power cord in the high cap DR or de Napsc of the NAC 282?

With one Powerline the digital source was my choice, it needed the most help. I later discovered the benefit of using one on the PSC, by then I had several but the one I robbed from the power amp to try this didn’t go back. The Powerline isn’t necessarily going to have the same effect as a Norsost or Sarum, you can’t escape experimenting yourself.

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