Most played album 2020

If you’re like me, you’ve got a few albums on repeat. Which ones have these been?

Here are a few that get regular recycling

probably a lot more as well lets see what others choose !!!

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In the first lockdown I was doing a lot of woodwork in my garage. This (and their other two albums) seemed to be on repeat play on my little bluetooth speaker. Cheery guitar music, good company.

If it had come out earlier in the year Nick Cave’s ‘Idiot Prayer’ would probably win.


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Will take a listen

Thanks Bruce

The single ‘Cars In Space’ is just fantastic, start here. Hang on for the great duelling guitar solo.


Thanks Bruce Good Track !!!

Moonchild - Little Ghost - 2019 Tru Thoughts / EU CD / TRUCD383 / Hand written Thank You note.

Easily my most played CD of 2020 (helped by having it on heavy rotation from my car USB), with its electronic production and yet still a real soul, I found this capable to reduce stress in a stressful year. With chilled horns, delicate percussion and cool keyboards, Amber Navran’s voice gently delivers intelligent lyrics that can linger in your thoughts for many a day.

Fairly random mix for me this year.

Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka is probably one of my most played of the year.

Doves - The Universal Want

Pan Amsterdam - HA Chu


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( my current mood)


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