Most suitable stand mount speaker

Currently using Modified/refurbished Spendor SP1’s with Nac 202 and nap 200 with hicap 2.
I am not totally happy with the clarity and occasional bass bloom.
I believe stand mounted speakers would be more suitable to my room which measures 5x5 metres.
I would appreciate suggestions on speakers which would resolve this issue for me.
Thanks for reading.

Speaker choice is so personal and most folk (including me) tend to recommend what they own or have previously owned which may not be at all to your taste. I would strongly suggest finding a helpful Naim dealer and auditioning a few likely candidates.

You don’t mention your front end and improving that may go along way to improving clarity and reducing bass bloom. Again, a good dealer should be able to help.



:point_up_2:What he said

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If these are the actual measurements, your problem is most likely not the speakers.

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Band Wagon moment…
Only way to find what sounds right to you is to go listen, or better still get the speakers to come to you.
5mx5m is a good sized listening room and there are many options to choose from.
I recently went through this very exercise and purchased a fabulous pair of Dynaudio’s to go with my system (see profile).
Lots of Research and several Demo’s satisfied my requirements.
Sadly no easy answers but that🤷🏻‍♂️
I would say though that a good demo list, well thought out, covering all areas of your musical preferences and that will test all elements (Bass, Speed, Vocal etc) is absolutely essential.
Enjoy the journey, I know I did😊

If it’s literally 5m x 5m, the issue is that it’s a square, not that it’s small.


Ah; Good point👍🏼

That is not a small room, at least not by British standards, though if length and width are 5m, i.e. a square room, you are likely have more of a problem at around 34Hz than if it were rectangular, so cutting speaker output quite a bit higher might help, but at the expense of low bass. Room treatment could be an alternative way to deal with it.
Hopefully your ceiling height isn’t 2.5m high, half the width and length, because if it is you are likely to have even more of a problem around 68Hz than 34Hz unless the room has good absorption characteristics, and raising the cutoff of speakers to well above that means virtually no bass at all…

A 5x5 metres square room is simply a room that will throw all sorts of stacked modes up at low frequencies, or in other words will cope very badly with bass output. Your idea of a quality stand mount speaker makes perfect sense maybe something, that roles off at around 60 Hz ( this said your 1st major mode will be at 70Hz). A speaker like Falcon LS3/5As springs to my mind, but there are plenty out there ( Proacs could also be a good option). As always use a dealer, who allows you to hear maybe 3 different options IN YOUR ROOM :+1:t3: Good luck with it, Peter

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Welcome back.

As has been said speakers are a very personal thing. In addition to room size you have to think about how much space you can allow behind and to the sides. Budget? 2nd hand could be a good option.

Anyway the usual suspects are Kudos (check out S10), Neat, Focal, Proac (whole thread on the 10), Dynaudio etc.

Good dealer essential.



Square rooms can cause real acoustic problems. You may have issues throughout the frequency range, and there are no easy solutions beyond a change of room, or treating the room as best you can.

By the way, IIRC SP1s are standmount speakers (albeit large ones on low stands) and the quality of the stands makes a big difference. Just so long as you aren’t using them sat directly on the floor…

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My recommendation would be to trade in the NAC 202 and HiCap 2 towards a NAC 282 with a HiCap DR. Hopefully you have a dealer close by who could let you do a home demo.

No experience with using the Spendor SP1’s but read something in the past that they like a bit of power. I ran a pair of ProAc D2’s with a NAIT XS 2 (70w) and they sounded fantastic.

Thanks for the feedback thus far, I was considering the ATC SCM19’s but i believe my Nap isn’t powerful enough

You could give the ATC SCM 11’s a try.

Besides my ProAc D30R speakers I have a pair of SCM 7 speakers and they sound fantastic on my system as well. I do not believe you will get the full potential of the SCM 19’s with the NAP 200.

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Though not necessarily a panacea, I think your best chance of success with new speakers lies in a sealed box design. They tend to be easier to place than ported designs in my experience.

Enjoy choosing your next speakers and please let us know how it goes.

If you’re looking for bass from stand mounts have listen to the PMC twenty series stand mounts.
Transmission line speakers with front ports

My thoughts too … 5m is not big as far as bass is concerned. However, speaker placement…is also supercritical…as is the seating position.

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Wilson Beneach should be mentioned more on this forum.

I have the Harbeth P3ESR xd and like them a lot. Bass not the forte. Listened to the Falcons. also good

Strange but Bryston makes a good standmount but they are big

I think I would try the little ATC 11 infinite baffle speaker…with good bass control…if you are streaming…be very careful of the ethernet switch…as a minimum I would recomend a cisco … I found that poor switches really effect bass control and timbre…