Motorbikes Redux

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Today I’ve just picked up another bike; a second hand R1200RT- one of BMW’s touring machines. It’s a low mileage 2012 model and is effectively an updated version of the R1100RT that I’ve got in the garage from '99. But, heavens, those 12 or so years make a massive difference. The engine’s a lot more willing although not, I think, massively more powerful. The creature comforts are better (better wind and rain protection and a heated seat!). The suspension is quite something (I think there are a lot of electronics involved so doubtless a future expense).

I did around 75 miles on a windy, rainy day over some tired roads and can’t say I really felt it much. Quite impressed. Just want some good weather to use it!


Congrats. My favorite brand/ family (R) bike.

In 2009 I was almost picking a R1200R Classic, in exchange of my Honda VFR800vtec.
But a kid appeared in the equation and I postponed.


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I haven’t had bikes for a long, long time, but those BMW tourers do look fantastic. I’ve watched some online reviews of the BMW RT models and everyone seems to think they’re great bikes.

Good choice - the last of the twin cam engines and by far the best boxer power plant BMW have made. IMHO of course. :slight_smile:

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