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My current numero uno system is Olive series; 102 hicap 180 and cdx xps firing some b& w 705’s. I recently bought a 2nd hand nd5xs and in the interest of aesthetic harmony was wondering what I can replace the olive amps with which will match the nd5xs.
The cdx xps combo will probably be sold on anyway as not required.
Your recommendations would be much appreciated.

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If I were you I’d change the NAC102 to a NAC82. I did that to my 102/140 and it was a massive difference, I then changed the 140 for a 250, but that wasn’t as big a lift. The 82 for me was a game changer, and gave me a much better interest in music. FYI my source is a ND5XS2


Matching kit in the classic range? Hicap/112/150 is the starting point. More spend updates the 112/150 to the current generation.
Sonically though if I were spending more I’d stick with olive and go to the 82 as suggested.

705’s are relatively easy loudspeakers to drive. Perfect aesthetic can be achieved by replacing the stuff by a Nait XS (1/2/3).

It has a different character though and should be auditioned. I would be tempted in your case to visit the dealer - if possible - and agree on trading in the 102/hicap/180/cdx/xps for a new Nait XS3. You might be able to home demo.

Add a Flatcap XS or better Hicap DR if funds allow.

I actually did that. One of the best ‘NaimMoves’ I have ever done.

Highly Recommended… :grin:

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I understand the aesthetic argument, many have a mix of various Naim generation kit so a personal thing.
You could get the 102/180 serviced, adding a Napsc and Hicap… will be expensive to buy new black boxes, same level.

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Thanks folks. As with all these questions, the answers just lead to more questions.

Looks like I need to hit a dealer for some demo action. There’s no doubt I’ll end up spending more money.

I have a mixture of Olive & Black - which (IMO…) looks just fine.

CDX2/XPS2 - Black
82/HC/250 - Olive


Having just fired up a set of olive (82/hicap + 135) after a 10 years sleep, I was shocked by how good they sound with a pair of decent speakers. I would stick with and upgrade unless you absolutely need to go black, the bang for buck is unbeatable.

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