Movement of components inside 552

Yep – think like a drayman handles a keg, but often without the sack/cushion on the ground :frowning_face:

And that’s before the Sprinter van (with de minimis supension) turns-up having navigated an area strewn with road-humps, monstrous potholes, assuming the box has even been restrained and not simply piled in the back – and if you’re unfortunate enough to be on the end of the delivery run !!

While I’m not a fan of having to go to dealers to return kit, at least it provides peace of mind around damage as, one assumes, carriage protection is then embraced by their transit cover arrangements, noting their courier rates (inc insurance) are far lower (IME) than those I would have to pay,

I know.

It’s surprising anybody, has anything, anywhere, that hasn’t been damaged. :blush:

My superline came back from a service with a very clear footprint on the bottom of the box. I’m amazed the box held up at all, that foam must be stronger than it looks.

Totally agree - my kudos box was damaged and only the perfect box has avoided more damage.
But for the reason of this madness during shipping the 4 safety bolts are necessary and made for.
Maybe I misunderstood the topic - when transport was done without bolts there is no way not the let it checked by naim

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