Movies on Special Offer

To accompany the “Music On Special Offer” thread in the Music Forum, I thought I’d post here for when movies are discounted. May be of interest for the film buffs on the forum :slight_smile:

Apple have a “Mega Movie of the Week” deal this week with many recent releases on offer to buy for just £2.99.


Yes indeed! All in 4K Dolby Vision, Atmos sound, HDR. An amazing bargain.

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‘Mother!’ :slight_smile:

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Agree, it is quite a bargain as it’s cheaper than renting. Stocked up on quite a few new releases missed at the cinema, and now have a nice queue of movies to catch up with.

Yes, that’s on the list!

Be quick though folks, the deal only lasts a week.

Bought last night! Now I just have to buy a 4K TV! :slight_smile:

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It’s a strange thing when it costs less to buy than rent. Either way, it’s a bargain at that price. I might have to invest in an Apple TV if I can connect it up to my AV2?

Absolutely, quite amazed by this from Apple - bought loads of movies the other day.

Seems Amazon now have something similar, titles look very similar:

Not easily Mr Rackkit. Apple TVs have only got HDMI outputs. Good though the AV2 was in its day, maybe time to consider going for something with HDMI.

I think you can get adaptors that convert HDMI audio into optical but there’s no guarantee it’ll work. As you say, the AV2 is a legacy piece now but it integrates so well with the 2 channel side (252/300DR) that it’s hard to give up the convenience.

If it does ever give up the ghost, what would you recommend?

Since the AV2 went, I’ve used Anthem, and now Denon A/V amps, and they’ve both been excellent. The surprising thing is how good the on-board amps and DACs are. They’ve all had room correction software, which now I’ve used it I reckon’s pretty essential for multi-speaker systems.

Hi Tony.

I remember your posts about the anthem, didn’t know you’d moved on to a Denon. I guess you’ve been able to use the amps in the Denon for your surround’s & centre channel instead of the Naims then? Much difference in quality if so?



Hi Rack,

The amps in the latest Denon I’m using (an AVR X 7200) are really excellent. I still use a modified NAP150 to drive one pair of ceiling speakers, but only because the Denon hasn’t enough on-board amplification to drive all the speakers in my 7.1.4 Atmos system. When you consider how relatively cheap the Denon kit is, they’re remarkable bits of kit. Give one a try!

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