Moving on from the superline

Cant believe i have sold it, as it has always been a great phono stage, that i have used on a few different turntables over the years.
But after trying a rega aura on my P8 / apheta 2, i was blown away by the difference, i just quess that the two work so much better together a bit like the 552 /500.
Anyone else made the move away from the superline? If so what to?
I have ordered an aura as i dont plan on moving away from rega turntables anytime soon and will stand me in good stead if i want to move up the range in time

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Although the SL/SC DR with the cryo air plugs is pretty formidable combination I was always looking at the SL & Snaxo as the weak links ( the Snaxo has been addressed)

A year ago I managed to get a Tom Evans Mastergroove Mk 1 - this was probably on a par with the SL much more detail, dynamics and natural sounding but didn’t go down quite as low and lacked the boogie factor

The Mastergroove went back for what is a complete rebuild to upgrade it to the Mastergroove SR this was about 5 months work

The Mastergroove SR builds on the strengths of the original Mastergroove and now goes deep down low way below the SR and the boogie factor has returned in spades

It’s worth bearing in mind that the phonostage is the most important amplification stage, there’s no point having a 552, a high spec TT and a mediocre phono

A school of thought from some well known dealers suggest the outlay on the phonostage should be broadly similar to that of the TT



Now you’ve got that phono stage I don’t think it will be too long now before you have a P10 on order. :smile:

P10 hell no, P12 next year, my cartridge will be about ready for a re build by the time the P12 gets released and could be the next upgrade , plus time to save up as the P12 is going to be a few quide

Dunc- i think the synergy lies more with the cartridge and the phono stage, not specifically the turntable…Have not heard the Aura but reviews have been very positive :slight_smile:
A full tilt SL/SCDR is a very good phono stage but at a considerable cost . As you have found, there are great phono pre’s out there for significantly less…

I was running my superline with supercap, air plug and hiline, the aura is just one box which is nice to start with, it doesn’t need leaving on, again nice as i dont play vinyl every night.
Plus it sounds so much better on the rega turntables and cartridge’s, i dont know how it gets on with other set ups, but that doesn’t really bother me

Dunc, I’m pleased you are enjoying the Aura. Right now I’m happy with the Superline, but I’m really interested too hear the Aura too, particularly as I’m currently favouring the Rega RP10. It seems though that it will definitely need careful audition as I’ve been asking various people’s opinions and while I’ve heard of a couple who favour the Aura, there are one or two people whose opinions I know and trust have said they still favour the Superline, so not so clear cut. What was it with the performance that tipped the balance for you?

What resistance Air Plug did you use?

I’m demoing an Aura at the moment instead of the Rega Aria. Really like it. So much more to appreciate in the music.



Hi Richard, i made the mistake of letting one in my house lol.
Right from the start it sounded quite different, more open, more lively and just sounded so right. My turntable had always sounded great, but the nds had it with hires tracks, but with the aura it just came alive and was a bit of a wow moment. So much so that when it left i stopped playing vinyl as it sounded dull and boring.
Since getting my 500dr amp, pmc fact 12 speakers and using my 552, the system has become very revealing and much more open to a better source, good for the sound quality but not for the wallet.

I was using a naim airplug rather than the ones that come with it and with my apheta 2 cartridge i was using the 100R, which i only just got and still have.

I tried a few different things with my superline to try and get it to perform like the aura, but i didn’t succeed ànd like i said this just worked so well cold out the box.
Just got to wait for mine to be made, its been a week now and hopefully next week i will be back up and running

According to Cymbiosis the 100 ohm Air Plug does not produce 100 ohm load because there is probably a resistance in parallel or series. Didn’t find this out when demoing the Superline. The Aria was better. Aura is awesome!


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Only tried the airplug for a few weeks and before that just used the normal one for years.
But it doesn’t really matter now as its gone, but i didnt find it a problem.

I just liked the way the aura sounded and the ease of it and as i am in the rega family when it comes to vinyl, it makes sense to run the phono stage that was designed to go with it.
Going to miss the green light, but not the sound.

Even modified my rega wall mount to take the newer smaller design and hope it sounds ok on it, as it was on the top of my rack, but as said now on the wall.
Made my own twin isolation platform that ties in with my rack, looks great and hope it sounds great

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Urika and then Urika II - no regrets, no sad goodbyes, don’t want it back. Urika II is best stage I’ve ever heard. You have to bear in mind that I had problems with SuperLine and radio breakthrough, which might not have plagued others. I regretted changing from a DV stage to SL.

However, Urika II allows one to tune in the cartridge precisely and easily.

Dunc - a rather odd question, but i was considering an aura (but for now ordered an ndx2 - tt upgrades on hold) but I saw an unpacking video and it showed the aura to be extremely heavy - 50 lbs/ 25kg. Is that right? I have some mobility problems and moving/lifting is difficult (even if someone sets it up originally). I am planning to switch to lingo 4 but my phonostage is probably more in need of change.

My dealer, who sells a lot of Naim kit, really likes the Rega phonostages. He pretty much discouraged me re the Superline, albeit in part knowing that the extra room on Fraim it takes up is a negative in and of itself for me.

The Rega website says its 13 kg.

Its quite heavy, but its not 25kg. Its a bit heavier than the superline.

I’ve heard from my local dealer that Auras are essentially built to order.

I almost bought a SuperLine 5 years ago, but got a Herron Audio VTPH-2a instead for about the same price. I never looked back. Keith Herron builds them to order, and has made a few improvements to mine. He lives 10 miles from me and we have since become friends too.

I still have the Herron and it has kept up with everything else around it getting upgraded: speakers, tonearm, cartridge and 252/SCDR/300DR. :+1:

Urika/Radikal could be a good way to go if considering phono stage and a Lingo 4.