Moving on from Troika

As some of you know I had a little mishaps recently with my Troika…

The insurers have offered to replace it with a Kendo but I don’t really know much about modern Linn carts, does anyone with experience have an opinion?

The deck itself isn’t particularly hi spec (pre Cirkus/aftermarket carbon sub/Hercules 2 mose PS/Black ittok LVII. I wonder about the relative value of sticking a cart that expensive on it…

I can’t rebuild the Troika at Goldring as the insurers want to salvage it so whatever happens the Troika is done… which is a shame…

Will the insurers give you equivalent cash re kendo ?

I believe the kendo is quite a good cartridge but I think you are right the TT itself is not up to the standard to warrant a kendo

If you can get cash equivalent I’d be looking ploughing a good part of that into the Linn itself, get that right and then think about a lesser cartridge at this stage

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Yeah that’s a point…

I’ve only heard the Kendo on a modern Akurate LP12 which sounded superb.

I have had two Krystals and one Koil on vintage systems (CB amps, Linn Kans/Briks, pre-Cirkus LP12s with Valhalla / Lingo). Also had a Goldring rebuilt Troika.

Both Linn carts sounded a bit too warm and sluggish for these old systems - the Krystal defo sounds well balanced on a leaner and more dynamic modern Linn deck though - it’s very tuneful too.

The Troika rebuild was a much better sonic match but wasn’t quite there musically for me - preferred the Adikt but maybe I just have a thing for MMs.

Best sonic match I have found (that is still musical to my ears) is the cheapo AT VM95E - it might not sound clean enough for most folks though a - there is a bit of distortion on some material when played through these old systems - the ML and EN clean that up but I lose interest in the music unless it’s just on in the background. All the VM95s are a bit ‘thin’ sounding too, compared to Koil/Krystal.

Not tried any DV carts. Currently running in the AT VM540EB which offers better HiFi than the VM95E (defo good enough for me) but I’m not convinced musically (yet) - might just need more hours though.

Like others have said, ideally get the cash and spend the funds elsewhere.

Finding the right cart for these vintage systems has been a real bugbear so good luck.

I had the Krystal on my LP12 with the ARO

It was pretty good but a tad rough around the edges for me

So since moved up to the Kandid which is just fantastic I must say

I’ve heard the Kendo but on the Akurate level LP12 and it was lovely

But I would think the OP TT should be first strengthened up otherwise won’t get the benefit of kendo

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I replaced my Troika with a DV K17D3 and have never regretted it. Half the price of a Kendo and I would argue a better match to your spec TT. I was looking at a Krystal at the time but was swayed by the DV reviews and the fact that some Krystal’s had cantilever issues being reported at the time. With the current thinking behind the priorities for a turntable I’d take the opportunity to seriously think about a cheaper cartridge and a subchassis/bearing/PS upgrade if your insurance can provide a cash option.

The Linn Kendo is currently listed at £2,800 - I think…? Wow.

Given the ‘spec’ of your LP12, @KiwiMarra , in my view (YMMV, etc) a Kendo is rather… overkill…?

I have an LP12 close to yours - Cirkus and Kore, Ittok LV11 and Lingo Mk1. I have a Dynavector 10X - and have had for many years, in several versions.

How about looking at the Dynavector range - and also some LP12 upgrades- as @Paul52135 suggests above…? If you can get your Insurance company to agree… :expressionless:

I changed from a Troika to a Krystal and wished I had not. However 2 months later bought a Kandid. My arm is an Aro.


Deja Vu :+1:t2:

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“I wonder about the relative value of sticking a cart that expensive on it…”

Me too - that cart probably costs more than the rest of the deck is worth and as Linn’s upgrade hierachy is to pretty much leave the cartridge to last, I’d argue you’d probably get better bang for your Buck by fitting a MM Audio-Technica cartridge with a ML stylus and spending the £2500 left over on upgrading the deck starting with a Karousel bearing, s/h Lingo 4 and Kore sub-chassis. No idea what Phono Stage you’re using but that could get a lookover as well. Then again, if you don’t really listen to records that often then fit the AT cart and spend the surplus on the rest of your system or a nice holiday :wink:


Beside my beloved Troika (and Karma) I was running AT-OC9XML as the new alternative and it’s very good. Tried Krystal but it wasn’t for me, it was a bit “to clean”.
Now I’m mostly running AT-ART9Xi and I find it to have the same signature as the OC9XML but being even better.
Running LP12 with old school Naim system.


Thanks team for your inputs… good news is the insurer is cashing me out so I’m pretty much free to do what I please…

At this stage I’m looking at likely adding a newish trade in Cirkus, probably replacing the sub chassis with a new Majik chassis and a DV 20x or possibly a Hana ML…

Linn are putting a 20% price increase through here this week so the cost of a Karousel/Kore is horrific now - too much… I had a bit of a listen to the new Linn cart but wasn’t convinced at the price I’d rather go for a higher spec DV - the sound signature of which seems to suit me…


Great plan KiwiMarra

Any chance you could stretch to the Lingo 4 power supply ? It’s a little cracker

On the right track though for sure


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If they are letting you keep the Troika body now, get it rebuilt at Goldring!

Nah they want it back or that would have been my first choice to be honest

What will they do with it (apart from validate the claim perhaps)?

Could you negotiate to buy it back from them for a nominal fee and then get it repaired?

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Will the insurance company allow you to buy the body?

Great cartridge.

There are 3rd party Subchassis available, arguably better than Kore, for less money.


I was advised, by a well know & respected Linn dealer, who ‘fettles’ LP12’s, that a move to the Majik sub chassis was not really worthwhile (from the Steel sub chassis) and that a Kore should be my next move. They found me a pre-loved Kore - and I went with that. I already had the Cirkus bearing.

The insurer may be on a discount from whoever they are buying it from …

So you may be offered substantially less in cash terms.