Moving SL2s

Has anyone been through the process of moving SL2s from one room to another room a short distance away?

I may move my system out of my small office into a much larger room across the hall and set up of the SL2s is one of many things to consider. If the top box was removed and the new position for each speaker prepared in the new location, would it be possible to lift the bottom boxes with the tweeter arms still attached and site them / adjust as needed in the new locations or would I have to completely disassemble each SL2 including removing the tweeter arms and go through set up again from the beginning?

Grateful for any tips from those that have moved SL2s from one room to another.



Just removing the top box and leaving the arm attached to the lower box will be fine. I’d only remove the tweeter arm if I was moving it to another house!

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Thanks Rack. That’s what I was thinking.

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I pack a thin piece of foam between tweeter arm and the back of the speaker then lift from the bottom of the SL2s with fingers around the tweeter arm, works and keeps things together.

I also remove the crossover


I agree with Rack, just unplug the crossover and remove the top box and pips and serrated washers. You should be fine, just don’t lose the pips and washers in the process…,


A bit of masking tape across the back and over the top stopping the tweeter arm having an inopportune pivot earthwards provides a bit more reassurance too.

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Hi Richard.

I had a set of the washers sent from Naim HQ some years ago, are they still available if the worst happens?

Cheers, Rack.

I don’t know. Best to check with Naim.

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Bought some from tomtom not long ago.

You’re able to get them from tomtom or cymbiosis. I bought a few sets from them about a year ago.

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:pray:t5: @JonoB

Cheers, Rack.


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You may have moved them by now. My own experience is that while you can move SL2s complete, they are pretty heavy and I would certainly agree that taking the top box and foam off is a good idea. Then if you can lift them straight up off the floor, you don’t need to touch the pips or washers, and you can safely move them to another room. Maybe reckon on a rest half way though!

Then when you get them into position, if you are lucky and the floor is level then you can pop the top box on and tweak the feet levelling to make sure the tweeter and frame isn’t touching anywhere. Then put the foam back on the front.

The frames should be tight enough that there is no risk of them falling backwards, but if you aren’t sure, a bit of tape across the back to stop the frame falling would be wise. With @Richard.Dane ’s helpful advice, my frames are really tight and although you can move them to adjust their verticality, they won’t shift anywhere further than that!



Thanks David. Nowhere near moving them yet. Lots to figure out including getting Ethernet and dedicated mains across to the new room as well as painting it!

I’ll follow your advice and will let you and others know how it goes when the time comes. Jason kindly overhauled and set them up perfectly originally so let’s see how I get on. I think this should be more straightforward than setting them up from scratch.

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