Moving Star Music store to Atom HE

Thought I would ask here before I mess it up.

As I bid my Star a fond farewell I thought I would attach the SSD I used there (formatted by the Star as music store to rip to) to my Atom HE so that I could still have a server with that music on.

However when I plugged that SSD into the back of the Atom HE it found nothing.

What should I be doing here?

Is the External drive powered via USB too ?

Yeah it is a Samsung USB SSD.

Just to rule out everything I copied some music to a memory stick and via the back panel of the HE it worked perfectly.

I am thinking that the way the Star arranges its music store is not the way other Uniti devices like to see it.

Have you tried connecting the external drive via a powered USB hub ? I’m wondering whether the power rating for an external device on the HE USB port may be rated lower than the Star ?

The light on the drive is on. It is just not recognised.

Unfortunately I don’t have a powered hub lying around but I suspect that this may not be the issue. It works everywhere else.

Ah ok. Might be worth a try just to rule that out. I’m surprised that a drive recognised and read by the Star wouldn’t work with the HE (USB power capability aside)

The Star formats the drive for its own use if used as a music store. My current suspicions is that it lies therein.

Ah I see - I thought from your original question you’d just plugged in a drive containing music rather than one formatted by the Star.

Good point, thanks! I have edited my question :smiley:

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Good luck :+1:

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@Kryptos Did you tell the Atom to use it as a music archive?
(Setup → Muziek beheren → Muziekarchieven configureren → Lokale stations weergeven; should be able to see & pick the drive there and use it; at least, that’s my guess, not having an Atom)

The Star music store is not intended to work in anything other than that Star, so I think you will find that it won’t. It’s that simple.

You could try converting the files to Flac (via the app I think) then back them up to another hard drive. Reformat the original drive then transfer them to the that drive and use them on the Atom.

This setting does not exist on the Atom unfortunately. I believe it is a Star only setting. Thanks for the tip though, would have been an easy fix if it worked.

The only reason it is a Star music store is because it says that it is. It is simply a nested folder structure with sound files with some text files carrying Naim metadata peppered in between. I find it surprising that the other Uniti devices won’t read it out. So there is either a limit to the folder nesting it can read or the Naim metadata tells it not to try read this device. So I was hoping someone had this info before I totally redo the drive.

The WAV files remain perfectly readable, no strange encryption used. But as you say, I will need to reformat the drive and transfer the files back, methinks. But then in a standard flat folder structure.

Yes of course that it true. All I am saying is that many times this issue has been reported here and Naim’s response has always ultimately been that Star music stores cannot be used on other devices. Obviously you can put the music files onto a USB or something, turn on Server mode in the Atom and it should all work. But you can’t just move the store holding a Star’s music store, plug it into something else and expect it to work. That’s all I am saying.

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Ah! That was also info I was looking for. I did a forum wide search and found nothing. Must have used the wrong search terms. Thanks!

That is actually what I needed to know to know I have to go redo the drive and that it is not some quick fix somewhere.

Surely you have a copy of the files in the Star music store? If not, just make one by copying the files to any USB drive. Stick it in the Atom and you’re sorted.

Yeah I do have copies. I was just being a lazy programmer :smile:

Ok reformatted the drive, copied the two folders carrying the music back to the drive and plugged it in the Atom HE and it instantly recognised it.


That’s unfortunate. One would think, seeing as it basically shares the same software release with (a.o.) the Star, that it could in principle be capable of reading such a music store. Perhaps someone from the Naim software team (and/or Naim support) could provide the definite answer?

You’re welcome. Still, sad to see you leaving the Star-fleet. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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