Moving to Sweden 🇸🇪

Very VERY important - more for Mrs C than for myself.

I’m expecting to pay just a little more than we pay at our local Bargain Booze!

Our assumption is that as Denmark is just over the bridge - and my new company has offices on both sides - most of our booze needs might be fulfilled in the bars and bottle stores of Copenhagen :blush:

I’m thinking an afternoon spent tasting at the Systembolaget will be required before I’m brave enough for that!

(Although thinking about it - that’s probably a very bad idea)

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Its more of a supermarket for alcoholic drinks. Regular pubs exist too luckily. I’ve been in very good ones but that was in Stockholm.

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Isn’t it an hour later?..…

My boss back in the days started at 6 and a bit in the morning. Swedes seem to love working early. Thats the bigger problem!

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I think you might be right! (But I’m not changing my story with Mrs C!)

I guess it’s perhaps a learning day. You should try it. Everyone with whom I’ve tried this felt it sounded best with all items the same polarity. Music line even used to test their Naim mains leads and then marked the live pin side of the Schuko with a dot.

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I’ve found a VPN provider that seems to be well regarded - NORDvpn - so I’ll do some more research on that.

Need to find out which services are geofenced (BBC iPlayer for sure) and which aren’t (ITV, Channel4 - I’m thinking as long as you pay your subscription….they’re open?) and what the gotchas are (Peloton - not available in the Nordics to supply - but therefore geofenced?)

Yea well i found out a month ago that i had been using one of my speaker cables with the direction arrow in the opposite direction for about 2 years and i never heard anything off, neither did i hear a difference after plugging the ‘wrong’ cable the other way. So i’m confident that i won’t hear a difference when i plug all my (otherwise unmarked) power cords the same way. :wink:

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Schuko plugs are designated as ‘unpolarised’ because the live and neutral pins are connected randomly (i.e. there is no convention designating whether the live pin should be on the right or left side of the plug). This enables the plug to be inserted into the socket in either direction. Some polarised versions of the plug do exist, but they are in much less common usage.

So it seems rather silly to care about this.

Source: Know your Schuko rewireable plugs | EuroNetwork

That reminds me of flying from Heathrow to Helsinki for a meeting. That’s two hours’ time difference. And it’s about a 3 hour flight. I think I left Heathrow about 6pm, so arrived at Helsinki airport about 11pm local and got to the hotel a bit before midnight. When I checked in I was handed a note from a colleague to say the meeting started at 6am so he had booked a taxi for 5.30 am (which as far as my body clock was concerned was 3.30 am).

I thought more carefully about timings on subsequent trips to Helsinki!


I know the theory, but in practice it does seem to make an appreciable difference. Otherwise nobody would bother, least of all Musicline spending time and their margin on testing and marking up the plugs.

If it makes no difference to your ears then that’s fine too.


The good thing about meetings in Helsinki is that nobody finds it odd if you don’t say anything.

I married half October. My honeymoon was to Barcelona - it was between 25 and 30 degrees there. Week after the honeymoon was working in Helsinki: one metre snow and nobody seemed to care.

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I recall being in Helsinki in a conference room at Espoo. Just after lunch it started to snow quite hard and after an hour or so of this I mentioned this to one of the Finns at the meeting and said I was wondering whether my flight to Heathrow might be cancelled, even if the taxi could get to the airport.

He laughed and said “Snow? That’s not proper snow! This is Finland. It’ll be fine.” And it was of course.


And regarding my last trip to Stockholm, I remember three things: The taxi from the airport was really expensive. Beer at the airport on the way home was unbelievably expensive. And during my trip which was in and out on the same day, I didn’t use any Swedish currency at all and lost a bundle when I sold what I had bought specially for the trip back to the currency exchange the next day.

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I have a similar experience. My ex has relatives in Levi, up in the north. We went there from London about 10 years ago - 2 hour flight to Helsinki - 1 hour flight up to Levi. And when we arrived it was 1975 :joy:

…great fun though. They had a house built around a tree - no stairs - you just climb up the tree branches to get up to the bedrooms.

Yes, in Stockholm random taxi drivers rip you off. We were only allowed to use 020 and Taxi Stockholm. These had fair and fixed rates. Nowadays an app where you can get a quote and then get the taxi for that quote.

Always ask for the rate there.

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You will probably find that the system set up to provide you with internett and tv is rigged in the favour of the internet.

In that you will pay heavily just to get access to the net and much less for the TV packages as they know that internet access is way more necessary than the tv. Off the top of my head I pay around £80-90 for 5G Fibre and around £20 for the TV packages per month, including Britbox which shows the classics and which I never get round to watching.

To be honest, it was somewhat of a relief that I did not have easy access to the often over hyped news in the UK. You will find the news in Sweden to be much more….relaxed and non confrontational in general. You might even find the experience akin to an escape from the claustrophobic way domestic news in the UK is presented.

P.S. I completed my Masters at Leeds University back in the day and would have very much liked to have stayed if the right job had came along. I lived in a bed sit right next to Hyde Park, its a great city.


I think the iPlayer is more happy with DNS solutions rather than VPNs.

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Yes, alcohol is expensive, Norway even more than Sweden, therefore, it’s not usual to buy rounds on a social night out.

Obviously, coming from a culture of buying rounds, when I first arrived in Norway, I vowed that I will never be beaten down by the expense of buying a mate a beer. To this day, I still buy rounds, sometimes though when there’s new people I have just met, that goes out the window as the norm is not to and it’s difficult to insist when other people feel a little awkward with it. As you can imagine, Covid saved me a very large packet.

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